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Why Do You Need Possum Banding for Your Trees

Possums are cute furry animals that you do not want inside your house nor in your yard. You won’t even think of having them as pets since Australian laws forbid trapping wildlife. So, how do you deal with these little creatures when they start pestering your peaceful home? Trees Down Under has got your back.

The Problem with Possums

The common brushtail possum is the most prevalent marsupial in Australia. This animal is a common sight even to city-dwellers because of their ability to adapt to natural and human-made environments. This high adaptability has a toll on Australian homeowners. Originally, possums nest in tree hollows in the forest. But, they have found their way into ceilings and hollow spaces of houses and buildings and sought refuge in those areas since. 

Apart from lurking inside the house, possums can also cause significant damages to trees and plants in your yard. This animal mainly eats leaves, fruits, vegetables, and flowers, so they might as well feast on the foliage and produce that your garden and trees have to offer. You would understand the frustration if you ever had such uninvited pests in your place. 

With the National Parks and Wildlife Act, the antics of possums seem unstoppable. The law prohibits killing and endangering possums unless you have a permit to do so. What then can you do to protect your home and trees? The answer is possum banding.

What is Possum Banding?

Possum banding is a measure to keep possums out of your trees’ foliage and out of your house. It also prevents possums from grazing on the healthy leaves and fruits of your trees. 

Possum banding involves limiting possum access from nearby trees, buildings, posts, and other constructions by pruning branches or adding possum band to tree limbs. Isolating your trees from neighbouring structures ensures that possums won’t have any more passageways other than the trunk. Then, you’ll cover the main stem with a possum band made of polycarbonate or colour bond to eliminate the last route to the treetop.

Why you Need Possum Banding for your Trees?

Because of possums’ ability to climb trees and destroy the lush canopy overhead, possum banding is a necessary addition for your trees. Here’s why:

Maintains Healthy Condition of Your Trees

One of the main reasons why you need possum banding for your trees is to keep the healthy condition of trees in your yard. Because possum banding prevents possums from accessing the foliage of your trees and feeding on the leaves, fruits, and flowers, you won’t worry about your trees losing any more leaves.

Prevents Grazing of Other Animals

Possums are not your only enemy to obtain a lush and healthy canopy. There are many grazers and animals out there that climb on trees and feed on the leaves and produce of your trees. Lucky for you, polycarbonate banding around the main stem of your trees can also stop these creatures from overgrazing the foliage of your trees. 

Harmless Way to Get Rid of Possums

Possum banding is the safest solution for animal grazers. The band on tree trunks does not harm any protected species of animals and, thus, abides by the National Parks and Wildlife Act. 

Affordable and Economical

Possum band installation is cheap and economical. You can purchase 20 metres of banding sheet for as low as $396.64. Once it’s installed, the band can last for a long time. Moreover, aside from the occasional pruning, you don’t need to do other actions to keep your trees safe.

Eliminates Entryway of Possums into Your Home

Oftentimes, possums enter the ceiling and recesses of your house through the branches of trees that offer access to your home. Possum banding isolates your trees from nearby structures including your home, thereby preventing possums from entering your premises. 


Possums can be destructive for their size. They climb on the trunk and branches of trees and graze on the foliage and fruits, compromising the trees’ health and appearance. To prevent these animals from pestering your trees, you need to install possum bands.

Trees Down Under is here to save the day. We offer possum band installation services to keep the foliage of your trees safe from possums and other grazing animals. We have a team of tree experts dedicated to keeping your garden and trees healthy and appealing. As one of the most reliable company offering landscaping and tree removal services in Sydney, we always strive to ensure premium quality services for our clients.

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