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Why You Should Practice Organic Mulching

There are plenty of practices you can do for your garden spaces. Healthy methods and ways to deal with your shrubs can definitely benefit your homes and your garden landscape in time. Organic mulch is an assortment of materials and matter that can be spread out in your gardens. Some examples of organic mulches are shredded leaves, composts, strips of tree barks, etc.

Making organic mulches are advantageous for your gardens. It is much more beneficial than having inorganic mulches. It can promote overall health and good maintenance to your lawns and shrubs. These are the reasons why you should practise organic mulching in your gardens:

Increase nutrition

Since organic mulches breakdown over time, when this happens, nutrition is also seeped down into the soil below. This makes your soil much healthier. With mulched soil, your shrubs and plants will grow much healthier too. The soil becomes more fertile and nutrients in the soil are taken up by the surrounding and nearby shrubs and plants. This method of introducing organic mulch is more helpful when you decide to grow cleaner and more nutritious crops. 

Pest Control

Some organic mulches like cypress and cedar can repel off pests that might house in your gardens and cause issues for you. The natural oils of your organic mulch can turn away pestilence that might grow in your crops and shrubs making your gardens a safer space for you, your families and your pets.


Having an extra layer around makes sure that moisture is retained. An extra layer the organic mix provides can definitely retain more moisture for your soil which greatly adds more help not just to the soil but also to the surrounding plants and shrubs around. It can also help the soil in improving its capacity to hold more water for plants around. You may not water your gardens as often as you think since additional moisture is present to keep your soil humid.


Organic mulches entice earthworms to stay in your soil. Earthworms are good in breaking down the soil and making sure that more nutrients and minerals are being distributed, broken down and scattered around. It helps in conserving good microbes and bacteria for the soil. Don’t worry, this little helper won’t cause trouble as other insects will. In fact, these earthworms can eat up other insects that are causing trouble in your gardens.

Soil Erosion

Organic mulches improve soil structure and can become the additional layer for the soil that helps in lessening soil erosion. Organic mulches help in holding more water making the soil more stable and sturdy in time. Water that falls onto the ground don’t directly seep through the soil and carry it away, instead, organic mulches act as some sort of sponge that can absorb water which also helps in making the soil hold more moisture for later use.

Weed Control

Since organic mulches block sunlight from hitting the soil directly, seeds of weeds have a hard time growing and destroying your garden eventually. Water that is held by mulches can also wash away seeds of weeds to prevent them from growing in the soil.


Trees Down Under provides organic mulching services for your garden needs. Your garden space can always an additional layer of protection, nutrition and help. Do you want your gardens to contain organic mulches to keep it in shape? Give us a call at 0475 463 597 or send us an enquiry here: info@treesdownunder.com.au

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