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10 Contemporary Ideas for a Garden Makeover

There’s no better way to get creative and invest in good aesthetics than to have a garden makeover for your comfort zones—one of the best areas to give a little up and improvement in your back landscape at home. You may not see it now, however, adding even the simplest things in your area can boost its looks and theme aesthetics. How do you beautify things around you in the simplest way? 

Here are 10 contemporary ideas for you:

  1. Tidy your garden space

Although it is one of the most underhanded ways to improve your space, you are increasing the lively feel of your garden by cleaning it up. Frequently, we catch ourselves diving deep into designs and themes that we forget the most crucial thing, maintenance. Make sure to sweep away dead leaves. Water your plants diligently. Wash and dry your pavement steps properly. This is your founding step in improving your garden looks.

  1. Add LED lights

LED lights come in all kinds of colours and shapes. It is one of the most flexible lighting fixtures to have, as such, installing some in your gardens can give it all the difference it needs. Add subtle LED lights to the back of ledges or partitions. Experiment with colours and outline patterns around. This will highlight the more low-key parts of your space.

  1. Use colourful shrubs

What is a garden without its very own plants and shrubs? Add colourful shrubs according to different areas. Change up and adjust your plants according to season. You can also mix up and match species of flora to make your garden look more diverse and cultured. Transform your garden into a colourful pit of shrubs to add more life.

  1. Add simple statement pieces

You’ll pretty much expect to fill your gardens with so many greens and colours. Why not make it more surprising by adding a few statement pieces? You can add some simple abstract-designed light fixtures. You can play with vintage themes by hanging or installing classic coloured items around. Play with being retro and add a classic-romantic vibe.

  1. Change the colour of your outdoor lights

For your indoors, you might be using just one colour of light. For your outdoor spaces, make it different. You can use yellow light lights to highlight some aspects, or you can add some dim coloured lights to increase the subtle romantic atmosphere. Lights definitely spice things up.

  1. Polish outdoor fountains

Often, outdoor fountains are a bit of a hassle to maintain. They may grow in mould or look lacklustre from the lack of cleaning of polish. First, scrub your fountain clean and make sure it doesn’t have any parts blotched with discolouration. Second, polish it well and use proper products to make it shine. You can make your outdoor fountain the centre of attention just by polishing it up a bit.

  1. Setup an outdoor lounging area

There’s no better way to spend your Friday nights except lounging in a relaxing area and sipping some wine. Why not setup an outdoor lounging space? Make it your outdoor living room. This way, you get actually to enjoy the excellent view your garden provides, and you can unwind with your family or loved one around with natural breeze flowing through.

  1. Apply vertical gardening

Space can pose a bit of a challenge nowadays. If you live in an apartment complex or a condominium unit, gardening might be close to impossible to do. However, vertical gardening is now in the trend. Line up your walls with majestic and colourful shrubs that are in season.

  1. Use natural elements

You can use natural elements around and incorporate them into the spaces of your gardens. Stones and bricks are good designs that make your garden a bit more concrete and compact. It can also function as borders for some areas. These elements are free around. You don’t need to spend that much to get creative.

  1. Add a small fire pit

You can add a small fire pit and make it the centre attraction of your garden. Make this the centrepiece for dinner get-togethers with your friends. It can also be an excellent addition to your grill nights by the grass and some good wine with your friends and family.


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