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These Beautiful Australian Flowers Should Be in Your Garden

Flowers make everything bright and wonderful, don’t you agree? As such, to give your home joy, start growing your private garden paradise. With this garden paradise, only the best flowers and plants should make your slice of nature their home. There are many species of plants around the globe. You have millions to choose from. To make your gardens more optimal, there are certain Australian home-grown that bring out the best in your landscape. 

There are plenty of things you can do in your garden. You can start by planting Australian-native flora that can brighten your private space. Trees Down Under can give you a hand in that. We are a group of passionate people who want only the best shrubs in your garden. Many of these shrubs are straight from the Australian nation. Our professionals can guarantee only the best aesthetic you’re aiming for in your garden. 

Banksia (Banksias)

Banksias are native to Australia. As an original in the nation, they deserve a spot in your garden. Banksias come in shades of yellow, orange and red in their flowering season. They attract different insects and wildlife like bees and good insects. Banksias thrive well in the sun and they burn at extremely high temperatures. They are perfect as your summer plants in the yard to cheer you up. 

Australian Daisy (Brachyscome)

These beautiful purple thin-leaved flowers are one of the most popular in Australia. They can also come in shades of blue or white. Australian Daisies tend to grow in any setting. You can find them almost anywhere which makes them one of the most common species to grow in various spaces. As such, you should find them in your garden too. They grow best in full or half sun conditions. Make sure to have them in the summer to brighten up the mood of your garden at home.  

Kangaroo Paw (Anigozanthos)

Kangaroo paws are far from the flower-shaped shrubs you see normally. These native grows in red tubular stems with tubular parts that hold different coloured flowers. The flowers of Kangaroo Paws can range from green, yellow, pink. They can also come in beautifully blended combinations of different warm colours. They grow well during winter up to spring. To add, the unique shape of the Kangaroo Paw adds a more exotic atmosphere to your garden.


If you want a low-maintenance friend in your garden, Grevilleas are your best friend. They can produce as much orange to pink-tinged flowers that can grow in varying heights. They are flowering shrubs around the year. This is perfect as an all-season kind of plant you can have around. There are plenty of species of Grevilleas that you can choose from. Pick one that suits your taste and water it from time to time. 

Australian Tea-tree

If you want a citrus smelling environment in your garden, this tall shrub is the one for you. Australian Tea-trees produce a lemon-like zesty smell that can instantly lighten up your space. They also produce white flowers that can brighten up your garden. To maintain your Australian Tea-trees around, prune it regularly with Trees Down Under. 

Wattle (Acacia)

Anything that represents the country is worth mentioning, at least. The Golden Wattle is the national flower in Australia. If you want the perfect tinge of yellow to gold hue in your garden, plant these around. They also produce a pleasant smell early in their lives. As Wattles are still trees, prune them well. Pruning your Wattles serves as its grooming and maintenance. Keep your wattles healthy by calling in your tree professionals from time to time.  


Trees Down Under is your one-stop regular solution to garden concerns. We are a team with more than three decades of professional experience in making gardens and landscapes better. We can also work with you in putting in the Australian natives right in their place in your garden. Make your home bright and wonderful by adding these florae around. We work with only the best standards and quality in mind. Your garden is your little slice of paradise, let us help you with it.

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