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Australian Trees That Require a Lot of Water

It is basic knowledge that living creatures need water for survival, and like any other living being, trees also require ample water. That’s precisely why they have roots to search for water sources and take in the water. Some trees have even developed aggressive roots that can invade and damage structures and water pipelines in their quest for water. 

Thus, if you have trees in your yard, this article should remind you to water them as much as you water other plants in your garden. More so, if you have the following trees in your garden.

What Trees in Australia Require Plenty of Water?

Young trees usually need around 10 gallons of water per inch of diameter, while mature trees with trunks larger than 10 diameter, require 15 gallons per inch of tree diameter. However, some trees found in Australia require more. Check your garden if you have the following trees so you can give them the proper amount of water that they need to grow strong, healthy, and hardy. 

Red Maple

Widely popular for its striking red foliage in autumn, the Red Maple tree requires a lot of water, ideally around 11 gallons of water a week. When you deprive it of water, this tree may show manifestations of drought stress in the form of wilted or scorched leaves. If you don’t take immediate action, this wilting can go further down and affect the trunk and roots. Hence, it is extremely vital that you give your Red Maple tree plenty of water.

River Birch

As its name implies, the River Birch thrives better in moist areas such as near a creek, river, or in wet lowlands. Aside from requiring plenty of space, this tree also needs a lot of water, especially when it is still growing. Your River Birch tree will be happy if you water its soil about 8-18 inches deep once every week.

Weeping Willow 

Weeping Willow trees love water so much that they require their soil moist before planting them. Newly planted trees will also need plenty of water to survive and develop a deep rooting system. It is advisable that you water them every other day for the first few weeks and then once a week after the tree has sufficiently adapted.

Claret Ash

This beautiful ornamental and shade tree is a fast-growing deciduous that requires plenty of moisture. While it is still young and growing, you can apply about 10 gallons of water every time you water it, which can be as often as when the soil has dried up to twice a week. When the Claret Ash has matured, its water requirement will increase to 10 gallons per inch of the trunk’s diameter.

How Can Mulching Help Trees That Require A Lot of Water

Mulching is a useful gardening procedure that can help retain the moisture in your soil so that your grass, plants, and trees grow healthy and hardy. As a result, you can save a lot of your financial resources, especially if you have plants and trees that need a lot of water. 

More than water retention, mulching also prevents weeds from growing and competing with your plants for resources and insulates your plants from low temperatures.

There are plenty of mulching materials you can choose from. Some popular choices for mulching are shredded leaves, grass clippings, sawdust, wood shavings, rice hulls, and crop residues. At Trees Down Under, we offer mulching services to improve the health and appearance of your plants and trees in Sydney. 


Unlike humans who can only last for 3-7 days without water, trees can go on longer. However, that would compromise their health and immune system, and if you push them to their limits, your trees could even succumb to death. 

That’s why, as a garden owner, it’s important that you know the water requirements of your plants and trees. Not to mention the nutrient requirement, soil type, and sun exposure they need. 

Luckily, Trees Down Under are the best tree and garden experts in Sydney. We are here to help you care for your plants and trees. We have certified arborists and gardeners who know how to cultivate and maintain gardens of any size in Sydney. If you need help with any tree services, don’t hesitate to contact us at 0475 463 597. 

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