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Best Time of the Year to Plant Trees

Have you ever wondered when it is the most wonderful to plant trees? Although all kinds and species of flora have their own pace and life cycles in blooming and falling, there is also a peak season that makes tree planting more ideal. Seasons have a big influence in the growth and the development of a tree from its inception until you plant it out of the burlap. In general, the best time to plant trees is during the Spring season. Here’s why:

Seasonal conditions

Seasons influence the growth of the tree. In most cases, Spring season has the most ideal weather and temperature conditions to plant a tree. If you plant a tree during the summer, it’s prone to dry out and die because of overly hot weather temperatures. The inverse is also true with the winter season where most tries find it too cold to grow well. Some species of trees can survive in extreme weather conditions. It’s not impossible to do, but it is generally challenging. 

Fall is another contender to Spring as the best time to plant trees, however, you also need to consider yourself. After long winters inside, Spring season is also a refreshing start for you to plant your tree. Though you have some time to grow the tree and prep it before winter, Fall may make your tree planting a bit of routine work already from all other season’s worth of hard work in the yard.

Rooting of trees

Because of the Fall season, early on sets of the cold might inhibit your tree from taking root properly. Freezing grounds can mean that your new tree may not take in the ideal amount of water to grow up, drying it out and causing it to die. Spring season is a good season for young trees to take root. Plant your trees early in the Spring season to give it ample time to take root and prepare for the Summer season where it has double work to grow leaves and make its root system stronger against the heat.

Some trees have different ideal times to take root. Although Spring is generally the best time for tree planting first to the Fall season, it’s always best to consult with your trusted arborist to make sure that your tree doesn’t die.

A wide selection of trees

The Spring season holds a wider variety of trees for planting. Many nurseries have different species and kinds of trees available in burlaps or sacks and ready for planting. The selection of plants available for tree planting has more time to get ready for winter where the cold is a challenge and water supply is relatively low.

You can opt to buy trees during the Fall season but it doesn’t come without its challenges. There may be good deals from the young plants sitting around but check for its condition as it might have severe exposure to hot temperatures all summer long. The hot weather can contribute to the damage in the young plants especially if it wasn’t constantly watered yet. If you prefer Fall planting, check your shrubs first.


The Spring season is a good start for new trees to grow in its younger stage. It gives more time to prepare the roots and just the right condition to retain the water necessities of the young plant. There’s a wider selection of young shrubs fresh to choose from and it’s a good time for you to go out from the long cold winter nights inside.

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