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Do Trees Stay Healthy During the Winter?

Winter season is not the time to lounge around the home over the weekend. Even though your plants and trees within the premise of your property are in their resting phase. They still require regular care to thrive and survive the cold season. Just like any season, your plants and trees need extra love and attention during the winter season.

By giving them regular care and maintenance during the resting phase, it’s no surprise that they will flourish in the growing season. If you want your plants and trees to survive the cold months; give them extra care and attention.  So that they will grow lush and green for the next season. 

Tree Care Tips During the Winter Season

Trees will thrive and can still be healthy during the winter season if you have given them the proper care and attention before the cold months have arrived. Moreover, winter is an excellent time to give your trees extra love while they are in the resting phase. Follow these simple yet essential tree care tips to keep them healthy during the cold season.

Prune your trees

Winter season is the ideal time to prune your trees as they go into the dormancy phase. It is advisable to prune your trees while they’re still young. Since it’s the best time to establish a good structure and further prevent any damages in the future. Learn how to prune your trees with these easy steps:

  • Remove any dying, diseased, damaged and dead branches
  • Establish a central leader
  • Based on your tree’s location or purpose, look and choose the lowest permanent branch (LPB)
  • Establish a scaffold branches
  • Leave a temporary branch below the lowest permanent branch, while removing or heading the others

If you want to skip the pruning process, call a reliable arborist in Sydney to provide you with proper tree care services. While tree pruning doesn’t sound complex, you can’t just head or remove them easily as they are protected by the Australian government. Know what are the do’s and don’ts first before you prune your trees. 

Protect your trees from freezing

Although Sydney winter will not get as much cold as from the other regions or areas in the country, trees are still vulnerable once the temperature drops. Thus the need to protect them from freezing with the help of these simple hacks.

  • Cover your trees with the use of burlaps, tarps or sheets. Allow the sheets to extend to the ground level to trap the earth’s warmth. Use a stake or frame to avoid any contact between the foliage and cover.
  • Bring your potted plants or trees to a more secured location
  • Place a wood chip mulch to prevent soil moisture escaping while insulating the roots

These are few of the many tree care tips to avoid them from freezing. Also, keep in mind, do not prune your trees right away. Allow them to recover from being frozen and wait until you see a new sprout to avoid damaging your trees.

Mulch your trees

From the base of the trunk while extending a few more distance all around the tree, cover the soil with mulch for about 3 to 5 inches. Mulching the surrounding soil of your trees will help retain warmth and moisture. 

Your mulch should be in a doughnut distribution instead of a volcano shape. Make sure your mulch is a few inches away from the base of the tree. This will prevent decay from too much moisture.

Water when necessary

You can water your trees when it is necessary. Especially when there’s no rain during the winter season, you can give them an ample amount of water. Keep in mind to gradually apply the water to allow time for the tree to soak the water into the ground.

  • Young trees require weekly or fortnight watering of up to 10 to 15 gallons
  • Newly transplanted trees require a generous amount of water to help them recover from stress
  • Mature trees require once a month or every other month watering of up to 10 to 15 gallons 


With proper care and maintenance, your trees can withstand not just the cold season but as well as all types of season. Changes are inevitable thus requires you as the property owner to learn the most basic tree care maintenance. 

When you know what your trees or plants’ basic needs, you don’t have to worry about the changes or fluctuations in temperature all year round. You can also call a reliable and professional arborist in Sydney to provide you with the necessary tree care services you need.

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