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Best Trees for Any Backyard in Australia

Trees can take the homeyness of any house to greater heights. Aside from offering cleaner and fresher air, trees also add value to your home. It provides beautification for your yard so you can unwind and relax at home. 

Even so, you shouldn’t place just any kind of tree in your yard. You need to pick out the tree that best fits the style and architecture of your house as well as your garden landscape. Moreover, you also need to consider your local climate in Australia and other conditions that affect trees, such as seasonal changes, sunlight and water.

Best Trees for Australian Backyards

With hundreds of tree species present in Australia, you may find it difficult to choose which ones will suit your backyard. Regardless, there are also tree species that can go in any homes in Australia. Here are the top choices of trees perfect for any Australian backyard.


There are several varieties of Magnolia tree you can choose from, but among the top picks are the evergreens “Little Gem” and “Teddy Bear” and the deciduous Magnolia variety. This tree boasts of its goblet-shaped flowers that come in various colours such as white, pink, purple, yellow, and crimson.

Japanese Maple

The Japanese Maple tree is another species widely seen around Australia. This tree offers a magnificent display of colours in the autumn and a fresh new look in the spring. Various cultivars also offer a wide range of leaf shapes, colours, and crown shapes.


The Golden Ash and Claret Ash Trees are popular shade trees for Australian backyard gardens. Ashes offer dynamic colours that change with the seasons, with the Golden Ash turning golden yellow in the autumn and spring and the Claret Ash to burgundy.

Red Silky Oak

Tree Waratah or Red Silky Oak is another backyard favourite of many Australian homeowners. This medium-sized evergreen tree can grow in a wide range of soil types and can withstand the mild winters of Australia. Moreover, this tree produces bright red flowers in spring and offers shade for your backyard all year round. 

Crepe Myrtle

Crepe Myrtles also deserves a spot in any Australian backyard. All varieties of this tree grow in the country, so you have plenty of options. Crepe Myrtles offer vibrant autumn colours and attractive crepe-like summer flowers that will definitely enhance your garden’s curb appeal during these seasons. Flowers are available in shades of pink, red, burgundy, lilac and white.


Frangipanis are known for their stunning and fragrant flowers that bloom in the summer. These flowers come in various colours ranging from white, pink and red. Aside from adding life and colour to your garden, Frangipanis are also a preferred backyard tree because they’re easy to grow, and they can go in both traditional and modern landscape. 

Ornamental Prunus

Flowering Prunus will suit any backyard in Australia due to its hardiness and adaptability. This tree offers a spectacular display of colours both in autumn and spring, with its vibrant autumn foliage and gorgeous white or pink floral blooms. 

Lilly Pilly

Another top choice for Australian backyards is the Lilly Pilly or Australian Cherries. Lilly Pilly is a shade tree that has thick foliage, white flowers, and edible purple or red fruits. Aside from its eye-catching feature, another plus factor of this tree is its hardy and fast-growing nature which is desired by many Australian backyard owners.


Each Australian home and backyard is unique, having its style and feel. Given that, it’s only fitting that you choose the right kinds of trees that will accentuate the beauty of your house and garden landscape. 

The tree species mentioned above are simply guides to help you choose the trees you can place in your yard. For specific and bespoke garden and tree solutions, we recommend that you consult with our arborists and landscapers at Trees Down Under.

Our expert team will help you pick the best backyard trees. Because we offer expert residential garden services, we can also help you determine how many trees are ideal for your outdoor space as well as the best arrangement and placement of these trees. Of course, we will consider your preference, budget, and lifestyle so you can have an aesthetically pleasing and functional garden.

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