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Common Causes of Garden Soil Erosion and How to Prevent Them

One of the most common problems in garden settings is soil erosion. Soil erosion can cause major destruction to the garden in your home. It can leave your garden bare and empty if you don’t prevent it earlier. However, what exactly is soil erosion? How can you prevent it from tearing through your land and causing more damage to your property? 

What is soil erosion?

Soil erosion is the degradation of the topsoil from the land. It means that the top layer of your garden soil is continually washed away from the land. This doesn’t benefit your plants and shrubs. On the contrary, your plants and shrubs will be in constant destruction without the topsoil holding them much to the ground. Know the common causes of soil erosion to prevent them from causing more damage to your garden. 


The most common cause of soil erosion is running water. Water washes away anything in its wake. Your garden soil is not an exception. Water from rain can wash away the top layer of your soil to other parts of the landscape. After an especially strong rain, your garden soil might even be all over your place. 

Natural forces

Natural forces also force the soil to scatter naturally anywhere. After all, erosion is a natural process. Human activities like deforestation and agriculture can only contribute to speeding it up. Wind can carry soil to different parts of the land. It can blow away top layers of soil. Many natural weather conditions can add in causing soil erosion. It happens naturally.


It’s quite ironic. Gardening itself can contribute to the garden soil erosion your landscape is experiencing. Plants and shrubs take in nutrients from the topsoil. In turn, the topsoil turns more loose and susceptible to erosion. Plan strategic gardening methods to maintain and hold the soil in place. 

How to prevent soil erosion

Soil erosion is quite common. They’re more observable in nature, but even in your properties, erosion occurs. What exactly can you do to prevent soil erosions from completely washing away your soil and eventually your shrubs? There are many things you can do to your garden to lessen erosion and its effects.


Adding organic mulch can prevent your soil from washing away. This extra layer of matter can add to the top layer of the soil. It will add weight to the soil and the plants that are on that ground. More than holding the soil to the land, the added layer also provides more nutrients to the shrubs and the plants.

Drainage systems

Having a proper drainage system can help prevent soil erosion too. When it rains hard, the rainwater should travel through tubes and drains. This can help lessen the water that can wash away the soil in your garden. Contact your builders and plan more gutters and pipes in your property.

Retaining walls

Retaining walls do exactly as they specify. They keep whatever’s inside their boundary. Many gardens nowadays are in layers and different partitions of land. For your landscaping plans, make sure to elevate some areas of soil and contain them with retaining walls. Do the same for other parts too.


Garden soil erosion is a common occurrence in many gardens. It’s something that will happen to yours if your landscape doesn’t have a strategic design. Prevent soil erosion by planning with our professionals in building your garden landscapes. Protect your yard and keep your soil safe from being washed away. We are Trees Down Under and we offer Garden Makeover Services to you. Don’t hesitate to contact us!

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