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Key Elements of a Great Landscaping Design

Anybody has a dream home design in mind. As a result, thousands of people spend a big portion to make their homes beautiful. It’s not just the building structure and the architectural design that brings out a home’s best features. The landscape and the property itself brings out either the best or the worst phases of any home. Consider making your landscapes as beautiful as you want. Your property also shines with the garden scenery you bring to life.

To make the landscape of your home the best aesthetic you’re aiming for, you have local partners that can help you. Trees Down Under offers landscaping services to help you achieve your dreams. You don’t need to start from scratch. Start from our experience and expertise in helping you make your dream garden scenes come to life. Get the help of our professionals in assessing the key elements that can make an impact on creating your home.


First things first: the layout. It is perhaps the most basic element to start considering when you’re about to embark on a great landscaping design for your home. Know the technical aspects of your property. Find the area of the entire landscape-able parts of your property. Decide on the zones of your area. You can divide the areas of your land into lawn area, plant areas, dining area, living area. Plan the layout of your garden landscape well to designate specific purpose in the space.


Are you a fan of stone and mineral substances? Do you want to have more woody materials in your design? Decide on the kind of materials you want to use in your landscape. Afterwards, incorporate these materials to the layout. See if the materials you will use are compatible with the layout you want. Many logistical and natural conditions might hinder you from using the materials you want. Moreover, in the end, consider the waste disposal of your landscape construction too.


The boundaries we are talking about here means the external boundaries. This is important to consider homes that have neighbouring properties. Set a border or fencing allowance to your layout so you don’t end up having conflicts with people next door. Decide the height and the kind of boundaries that will contain your landscape. Sometimes, having a private landscape makes your home more magical to you. There’s nothing wrong with keeping your space private.

Plants and shrubs

The most important and highlighted part of landscapes and the plants and shrubs you will put in the land. Many homegrown and native Australian plants bring out the colour in your property. You can mix and match and play with the season too. If you feel like picking out low maintenance plants to save time, there are plenty to choose from. You can have your own space for crops too. Grow the green thumb in you and learn more about different shrubs you can grow.

Lighting and fixtures

Sometimes, a little fixture and some accessories can bring the modern or classic touch in your landscape. Different lighting designs and other items can influence the mood of your garden. If you want a more classic vibe, you can always go for rustic designed bulb fixtures. If you want a more playful touch, you can consider colourful LED lights to your space. A difference in lighting can transform your garden from a daytime lawn to a nighttime garden party scenery. Light it up!


Trees Down Under has always prided itself in helping people build their private spaces into a private paradise. Landscaping involves a lot of work and effort. It takes a lot of planning and flawless execution to make the land into a landscape. As a team who wants to help property-owners transform their place, we offer nothing but the best and the professional work to you. We offer our landscaping service to you. Let us work with you in this beautiful transformation of your home.

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