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How much Does a Hedge Trimming Cost

Landscape maintenance is optimal to ensure the safety and health of your garden. If you have a hedge in your backyard, or you’re using one as the private boundary of your property, you will need to invest in proper hedge care to guarantee that your hedge serves its purpose. However, like all other steps and procedures, these maintenance routines will cost you from time to time. There are many things to consider when doing a hedge trim and it doesn’t just stop with a specific rate for the service or the local arborist that will do the job.

No one price can dictate the cost of having a hedge trim. It’s best to contact and consult with your local arborist from Trees Down Under. Ensure that you already have an idea of the type of hedge trim you plan to have. Whereas there is no specific rate for a hedge trim, there are things to consider that greatly affects a hedge trim. Knowing the specifics of your hedge can give you a rough picture of how much to set aside for your hedge.

Factors for consideration

There are deciding factors affect the cost of a hedge trim. There are considerations that you might not have thought of which affects the price of the job. Know and familiarise these aspects to set a realistic expectation on how much these maintenance procedures cost.

Type of hedge

The type of hedge is one of the biggest factors that affect the cost. There are two types of hedges for landscapes. Formal hedges need more regular maintenance to keep its more uniformed appearance and boundary. This type of hedge needs more frequent trims for shape and height maintenance. On the other hand, informal hedges can do with less frequent trims but still serve as a hedge in your backyard.

Hedge size 

The size of the hedge affects the amount of work that the arborist needs to do to tidy up the hedge. The bigger and higher the hedge, the more work needed to maintain it. No matter what type of hedge there is, a higher or wider hedge needs more time for a trim. This increases the bill of your hedge trim expense.


Each landscape is unique precisely because of its location. Some areas will have different things than others. Obstructions and challenges can be present in your backyard. This will take more work in maintaining the hedge. For example, if your hedge is on a slope and farther away from the equipment, more effort is required to trim the hedge. The debris and waste that comes afterwards also take a lot of work to load in the truck of the service provider. This reality will affect the cost of the hedge trim.


Time also changes the rates of your hedge trim expense. Think first: when was the last time my hedge had a trim? For hedges that don’t have a recent trim or regular maintenance, the shrubs will be denser and will have more overgrowth than usual. This usually means more time and work to trim the hedges. The longer time between two trims can mean an increase in the cost.


The best way to get an estimate of your hedge trim cost is to get a quotation. Point out as many specifications of your hedge and your area so that a more accurate price range for the service. You can send enquiries to Trees Down Under for a better expectation of your trimming costs. This will save you a lot of worries from shedding out more money than you thought of. All you need to do is ask.

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