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Quick and Easy Manual Hedge Trimming Techniques

Hedge trimming is one of the maintenance steps crucial in keeping your hedges in a good shape. Trimming cuts out the overgrowth and the excess parts of any hedges, keeping it less dense. As your hedge grows over time, the ample amount of sunlight hardly reaches the inside of a hedge. The same issue is present as moisture and other needs of the shrub lessen with the hedge’s slow growth. Any hedge must get a trim once in a while.

Hedge trimming requires effort and additional expense for you as you start your journey on becoming a green thumb. So, the question is, what are some things you can do to keep things at a budget but still maintain the lush and healthy look of your hedge? You can opt to do things on your own. The only thing you need is the proper techniques coupled with your effort in doing things the old-fashioned way – manually.

Scheduling hedge trims

Hedges have two growing phases every year. Schedule hedge trims after these growing phases so as not to quickly grow over newly shaped hedges during the growing scene. In general, you can schedule hedge trims somewhere along the summer and spring season. This is especially applicable to flowering hedges and shrubs that grow over rapid during the summer. For other hedges that don’t have specific growing periods, you can cut them anytime. Avoid bird nesting seasons when you trim your hedge.  

Preparing the tools needed

Prepare the proper tools when you decide to have your hedge trims. Make sure that the blades of your shears are sharp enough for the overgrowth of the hedge. Sharp blades can give a more definite cut on your hedge which can help with healthy growth for the succeeding seasons. This also prevents unhealthy cuts that can affect the welfare of your hedge. 

Setting layout and boundaries

Set up boundaries so that your hedge trimming session has a guide to keep the hedge growth in line. Use a string and set up a stand from end to end on the lower part of the ground. Use another length of string and tie it higher than the first string. This can create layers that will set as your boundary the higher the hedge goes. 

Techniques on hedge trimming

There are specific trimming techniques that can make manual hedge trimmings more efficient and effective. These are some of the techniques you can choose from. Make sure that what you apply is proper and applicable to the type of hedge you have. This way, your hedge grows better and lusher in the following seasons before the next trim. 

Pinching – a method that keeps hedges on more stimulated bushiness. To apply pinching to a hedge, remove the terminal buds of the hedge. While it initially removes these buds, the delay in the flowering means a more beautiful growing and flowering in the long run. Don’t pinch more mature plants or woody shrubs. 

Shearing – a technique that involves trimming of the hedge is more focused on the outer parts. This is more crucial if you want to follow a shape for your hedges. Shear off outer parts of the hedge to your desired shape. Make sure to shear off far away from the buds of the shrub. 

Thinning – helps in keeping the hedge less dense. remove selected stems or branches. Cutting these branches and stems should be from the origin from within the hedge. If there’s a particularly annoying branch sticking out, apply thinning technique to have the undesired growth from the hedge. 

Heading – to grow denser foliage in the future, cut the buds that are above or a little bit over than the leaves. 

Wear safety equipment

Wear proper safety equipment to make sure that you have protection when you trim your hedge. Your safety and protection are still more important than hedge trimming any season of the year. When you trim, always have the following:

  • Protective goggles to protect your eyes from splinters from cutting
  • Protective gloves to prevent small cuts from spikes or thorns
  • Overalls to protect your clothes from damage 


Doing things your own can be simple and easy by following some techniques and tips from experts like Trees Down Under. Make sure that you prepare well before starting your hedge trim. If things don’t go according to your plan or desire, you might end up spending more to recuperate from some hedge trimming mistakes. 

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