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How to Do Lawn Edging the Easy Way

Lawn edging is the easiest solution to keep your grass from invading your garden while making your lawn appear tamed and polished. While some people find the job complex which requires skills to take on the task. However, lawn edging does not come with a list of rules and guidelines. 

Moreover, edging your lawn will require your time, patience and creativity. If you’re not yet confident to show your skills and creativity, you can depend on a dedicated team of trusted lawn care and gardening services provider in Sydney. 

Easy Lawn Edging Tips and Ideas

Edging your lawn will not only highlight or define the structure of your garden or flower bed. It’s also a functional way of separating the flower bed away from the lawn and weeds. And as mentioned earlier, when it comes to lawn edging, it has no specific rules or guidelines.

Simply follow the shape or edges of your lawn coupled with flair with the use of your gardening tools such as the shovel. First, gather all your gardening tools and equipment to get you started. Let’s do lawn edging the easy way to keep your garden vibrant all year round.

1. Mark the area between the garden from the lawn

Mark the area to separate the garden bed from the lawn. By separating them, it will be easier for you to cut the soil where the garden bed meets the lawn. By allocating a portion between the lawn edge flush from the grass, mowing the lawn will be an absolute breeze. Make sure that the cut is deep enough to accommodate your road bases such as cement, sand or bricks. 

2. Apply pressure on the road base

As mentioned earlier, allocate a portion for the road base of approximately 50mm to 75mm. Apply pressure by compressing it with something heavy or walk over the newly formed trench continually until the base has settled.

3. Place your edging material

There are several options for your road base including bricks, concrete, sand, gravel and more. Simply go to the nearest local store where you can choose between plastic, metal or wood as your lawn edging material.

However, before you place all the materials especially the wet mixture, make sure that every joint and curve are placed even and nicely. This is the most important part of the lawn edging process thus requires you to implement them.

4. Mix the wet mixture

After placing your lawn edging materials on the base, prepare your wet mixture. Make sure to read the labels for proper and even consistency of the cement and water. Once the wet mixture is done and you’re happy with the placement of your lawn edging materials, this is the part where you need to roll the sleeves up. 

If you’re using blocks or bricks, lift them one at a time and apply a generous amount of wet mixture under it while spreading it evenly. Level the blocks or bricks with the use of a timber or steel float. Continue the process until you’re done.

Depending on your materials, don’t skip the first and second steps because these are the most important part of the lawn edging process. This lawn edging process is applicable for blocks or bricks as your lawn edging materials. 

You’re not going to need a wet mixture if you’re going to use sand, gravel, pebbles or stone. However, if you want these materials to stick on your base, then, the choice is yours to make.


Lawn edging will not only define the overall structure of your landscape but it will also keep your garden safe from foot traffic and weeds. It is the best solution to keep your garden away from the grass creeping into the flower bed.

Lawn edging may sound complex but if you know the most basic gardening skills such as shovelling coupled with your creativity, you can make this task easily. Depending on the area of your landscape, lawn edging requires time. This can also be a fun activity for your family or you can simply call a professional landscaper in Sydney to do them for you.

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