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How to Keep Your Plants Healthy During the Winter in Sydney

Winter is an off-season for gardening since it’s most likely considered as the plants and trees resting phase. Even though your plants are in the dormant season, they still require your utmost attention to thrive throughout the cold months. By giving them regular care more than the usual, your green babies will not only survive but they will also thrive throughout the winter season.

While it’s tempting to lounge around the home, don’t take the winter season in Sydney lightly. The cold season is still not the time to take a break from taking care of your plants even in Sydney. Although the region doesn’t get as much cold as in other areas or parts in the country. The change in temperature and humidity levels will harm your green babies.

Read on and find out what are the plant care tips for your green babies to stay healthy throughout the cold season.

Plant Care Tips During the Winter

Although your plant seemed secure in the four walls of your cosy home during the winter months, it doesn’t mean they’re safe from the changes around them. As the temperature, humidity and the overall condition changes, these factors will harm your plants. 

Moreover, if you know the most basic plant care tips throughout the cold season, your green babies are safe. Read on and find out more about plant care tips for the cold season.

Easy on the watering

As the temperature drops with less sunlight during the shorter daylight hours, your plants will become more dormant than the usual. Winter season is most likely every plant and trees resting phase. Thus their need for less watering as well. Your plants are less focused on growing or producing new growth. 

But it doesn’t mean you have to skip watering them. Check the soil before watering your green babies. Stick your finger to know the moisture of the soil. Once the soil is dry to the touch, give an ample amount of water.

Give your plants a dose of sunlight

It’s not easy to find a spot for your plants for a daily dose of sunlight since the sun is not around as much. But this is the most essential plant care tip for your green babies to thrive throughout the cold season. Try to track the sun in your home and allow them to soak all the rays. 

Reposition your plants once in a while. Also, you can expose your green babies directly to the sun during winter. Since the sun’s heat is weak than the usual. Instead, it will nurture the plants gently rather than scorching them. 

Check the temperature

Avoid placing your plants in extreme temperatures. While you’re keeping them out of the icy drafts it is equally advisable to keep them away from direct heat. If you place them on the window, make sure your plants will not touch the glass. Since it can cause thermal shock and will later turn their leaves brown and fall off.

Check the humidity

As the temperature drops, so as the humidity as well. The exacerbated home heating significantly dries the air. High humidity is essential in keeping your plants healthy. In case the humidity inside your home drops, group your plants and spray a mist on them. You can also place your plants in areas where there’s higher humidity such as the bathroom or kitchen. Place a bowl of water near the heater so that it will add moisture in the air.

Feed your plants

Most indoor plants don’t need any fertiliser, especially during the winter season. Some plants will only need a simple weekly wipe-over with the use of a damp cloth. However, some plants require fertiliser to survive the cold months. Make sure that you feed your plants before the cold season which is early autumn.


Keeping your plants thriving and healthy during the winter season is easy. It doesn’t need special formula or expertise. What they truly need is your attention, a dose of sunlight and a little repositioning once in a while to survive the cold months. Simply know your plants’ basic needs to survive the winter season.

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