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The Importance of Proper Lawn Watering

Plants and grasses alike need water for their survival. And when we say that watering them is crucial, we pertain to the proper ways of watering them. Otherwise, instead of prolonging their life and health, improper ways of watering your lawn may be deleterious for your plants and lawn.

How to Properly Water your Lawn

Below are some of the few methods and techniques to provide your lawn with the right amount of moisture it needs.

Water your lawn early in the morning

The best time to irrigate your lawn is early in the morning before the sun shines directly. The lower temperature during this time helps retain the moisture and keep it from evaporating too quickly.

Moisten your soil to a considerable depth

To obtain a properly hydrated turf, you are advised to water your lawn so that at least 6 inches (15 cm) of soil becomes wet. This depth is equal to the average length of the roots of grasses. 

Water with the right amount of pressure

The pressure of your sprinkler or irrigation system can affect the health and stability of your turf. For a newly-laid lawn, an oscillating sprinkler is preferable because of its low water pressure, thereby aiding the rooting of your turf. On the other hand, well-established lawns can go with a pulsating irrigation system.

Don’t overdo (or underdo) watering

Although water is an essential resource for your lawn, excessive watering may be detrimental to their health. An over-watered lawn may be at risk of fungal infection. On the contrary, insufficient watering may cause roots to be shorter, so the grass is less stable. Thus, you should water your lawn at least once every week if you have clay soils and twice if you have a sandy ground.

Importance of Watering your Lawn Properly

If your lawn could talk, it would probably thank you for properly watering it. Here is a list of reasons why proper lawn watering is important

Maintains the lush and verdant state of your lawn

A well-hydrated grass looks healthier and robust thanks to enough moisture from proper lawn watering. Properly watering your lawn, together with regular maintaining and fertilising, is a significant measure to ensure that your turf looks fuller and greener. 

Prevents lawn dehydration

Especially in the summer and dry seasons, watering your lawn properly and sufficiently can help the roots of your grass receive enough amount of moisture needed for survival. Providing your lawn with enough hydration can compensate for the water loss due to rapid evaporation of water during the hot weather.

Keeps lawn free from diseases

Over-watering your lawn can cause it to become infected by fungal diseases. This is because too much water can suffocate grasses and compromise their immune system. On the other hand, an over-watered lawn can also cause the grass’ roots to be poorly established because of shallow root systems. In addition to fungi, weeds and pest infestation are also commonplace in excessively watered turf. 

Conserves water

Watering done right can conserve water. That’s why the time, volume, and frequency of watering your lawn must be set so that the grass receives only enough amount of moisture necessary for their healthy state 


Water is an essential resource that your lawn needs for survival. Thus, providing your lawn with the right amount of moisture is an important part of lawn care and maintenance.

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