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How to Manage Tree Diseases in Your Backyard

As you probably know, it’s not only humans and animals that get sick. Trees get sick too. There are various common ailments and conditions that trees can suffer from. As such, your local arborists have ways and treatments to lessen the diseases that can infect your tree and in worst-case scenarios, eventually prevent its death. Just like diseases, some sickness by trees can be transmitted to other surrounding trees and infect other plants in the same area.

This is why it’s important to always check on your trees, especially old ones that serve as home to different kinds of other living organisms like insects, animals and different sorts of wildlife. As such, there are actually various tips and tricks in preventing these diseases from further making your trees suffer. Make sure to prevent any possible ways that your trees might suffer. These are some ways to manage your trees and maintain their health:

Constantly check your trees

Oftentimes, you might end up overlooking the task of checking up on your trees. Because of several factors and conditions, like tree height, season, weather, etc., you might have a hard time making sure that your trees are okay. However, checking your trees is essential in making sure it’s okay. Look at the trunk condition from time to time. If there are any fallen branches and barks, inspect it. Examine the colour and the condition of the leaves.

This is a first step in knowing if there is something with your tree. If you think there is something different after checking the outward physical conditions, you can decide to call your local tree experts to find out more.

Check the soil in your area

Many tree diseases and sicknesses start from the soil of the area where the tree is planted.  Fungal diseases often happen to trees. Most of the time, for trees that are sick with these diseases, one of the ways the infection starts is by the soil around the tree. The fungi in the soil make the soil not suitable for the tree, making the tree slowly degrade after the presence of the fungi in the soil. 

Since the soil is one of the important factors that contribute to the growth of the tree, make sure to check it too. Healthy soil contributes to a healthy growing tree.

Perform tree maintenance constantly

Some of the diseases that affect trees can be prevented by doing some maintenance work on the trees. You should always perform maintenance jobs for your trees. For example, there are conditions that are affecting the branches of the tree, pruning and trimming can help slow down and mitigate the spread of the disease. 

Trees also need grooming in order to grow properly in a much healthier shape and condition. Mulching improves the soil structure which helps a lot.

Maintenance of trees can help in growing it in the way you want it to. Furthermore, maintenance services also help in dealing with other aspects like making sure that pests, insects and unwanted wildlife are away before it causes damage to trees. 

Contact your local arborists

Your local arborists can truly help in shaping up your trees. As licenced experts for your trees, arborists and tree experts know what’s best for your trees. If your tree needs fungicides or pesticides to lessen its suffering, they will know the appropriate and proper treatments to make sure your trees are okay. Contact your local arborists to constantly have a health checkup for your trees.


The health of your trees is just as important as the health of your homes and your plants. After all, they provide the extra homey feelings in your comfort zones and can be beneficial in many different ways too.

Trees Down Under is your local solution for high-quality tree maintenance. We make sure to look after your trees the same way that you look after your family. A healthy tree is a healthy space in your homes and we do our best to make that happen. Don’t hesitate to contact us. 

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