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How to Take Care of Your Wattles

With its yellow pompom-like flowers, thin and curved green leaves, wattles are great plants to establish a garden or create a garden from scratch since they can grow quickly. Wattles can flower profusely even from a young age, flaunting a variety of attractive bright yellow or cream flowers. Wattles are definitely fascinating with their colour and foliage in any landscape.

Wattle trees are often associated with the label as the fast-growing-but-short-lived plant. These plants are usually underrated yet they are the most diverse and spectacular plants. One of the most notable traits of wattle is that it helps the soil recover after a fire with its nitrogen-fixing roots which serves as a fertiliser. Furthermore, wattle trees function as a shelter for insects, birds and other animals as well.

How to maintain your wattle?

Wattles are great colonisers since they can grow in freshly cleared or disturbed soil. These plants help in protecting delicate understorey plants or while other sensitive plants are on its growing stage. 

Wattle trees can live between 7 to 12 years. With their short-lived lifespan, you can use this to your advantage. Make use of our maintenance and growing tips to get the best out of wattle trees.


Wattles is a fast grower. Place your plant in a position where it can get plenty of sunlight. Make sure to place your soil in a well-drained container and give it plenty of room to grow. Although they have a good tolerance to both cold and hot weather, 

Mulch over fertiliser

Since wattles can generate their own fertiliser through their nitrogen-fixing feature. Feeding your wattles with fertiliser is not necessary. Instead, mulching it is a better way of conserving and retaining its moisture, it keeps the roots cool, reduces soil compaction, improves soil texture and restricts weed growth. 

Tip pruning 

Regularly pruning young wattle plants after flowering encourages more compact bushes and prolongs its life. Avoid cutting your wattle thicker than a pencil, light pruning will do the trick for a plentiful blossoming.

Watering your wattle plant

Water only when your wattle plant is establishing and it is still at a growing stage. Once they settle, wattles can get by on their own or natural rainfall. If older plants are showing signs of distress especially on a dry period, such as droughts or heatwaves, give them water to sustain and to keep them going.

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