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Introduction to Garden Edging

Edging is a distinct demarcation line that creates visual interest in a landscape by separating one section of your yard from another. A tidy, smooth line provides a finished look, a sense of clarity to an area and serves different purposes. Edging your garden can be so much more than a simple practical measure. It plays a practical role while maintaining a polished look to your garden.

One of the most important details of an aesthetically good garden is a well-defined edge. Using your ingenuity, energy and essential tools, you will be able to create a perfectly manicured garden and any of the exceptionally beautiful garden edging projects you desired.

Is garden edging necessary?

Landscape edging will not only add personality to your garden. From a practical point of view, landscaping helps in keeping turfgrass creeping into the surrounding garden areas. On the other hand, it prevents soils or mulch garden beds from spilling or scattering onto the lawn when it rains or while you are watering the plants.

In addition, garden edging defines a flower border, a single tree or the transition of your patio all throughout its surrounding garden. It gives emphasis to your garden beds and walkways while maintaining all the elements in place.

How can I build a garden edging?

Maintaining the aesthetics of a garden is quite expensive. So, an economical yet intricate garden edging is an absolute must. There are several types of lawn edging depending on what is suitable for your style, function and resources. First, let’s begin with the most basic concepts on how to start with garden edging.

Consider your space for lawn edging

The amount of space you have and the atmosphere you are going for will make a big difference when it comes to picking out the perfect garden edging. Establish a brief design or layout of your lawn to make it visually better to understand. It’s always best to work in harmony with your garden.

If you want to work with a designer, always keep in your mind to use descriptive words since they’re fairly evoking instead of being demanding for specifics. It promotes positivity and creative response from a designer’s perspective.

Components of your garden edging

After your garden edging layout, plan for your planting scheme. Think about the things you are passionate about, look for inspiration and ideas. Create a garden that can boost the entire aesthetic of your home. Your garden speaks more than just its beauty and garden edging, it expresses the owner’s style and personality. 

Plan your lawn edging budget

After all the edging and planting scheme, you have to consider the cost and your available resources at hand. If your wallet doesn’t agree with your passion for finer things, you can always work in segments. All the best things in life are a work in progress, even your garden.

Types of garden edging

Garden edging range from simple trench to high-end paving stones. Depending on your aesthetic and functional purposes for edging, your choices are endless and you can even have it personalized according to your style. We will help you sort through all the considerations at play so you can decide which landscape edging will work best for your garden.

Strip Edging

Strip edging is an ideal choice if you want to create curves in your lawn. It consists of shallow plastic or metal barrier anchored underneath the ground. Plastic strip edging is affordable and easy to work with while metal strip edging is quite pricey but it can last longer than plastic.

Masonry Edging

If you’re fond of concretes, stones or bricks, masonry edging is definitely an excellent choice. Masonry edging comes from minimal to intricate geometry and linework designs. 

Wood Edging

If you want a classical or rustic design, wood edging is definitely a sensational choice. It’s affordable, durable and can work with anything in your garden.

Your garden is like your own personal work of art. Whether you like it formal, create a natural look or opt for a more complex design, it’s all up to you and your budget.

Are there services that can help keep my garden edges neat?

Trees Down Under guarantees that your garden landscape is aesthetically polished and well-maintained all throughout the year. Discuss with us today the options available and suitable to your residential aesthetic needs. We will promptly answer all your garden edging and landscaping needs. We will provide a free quote to all your queries.

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