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Introduction to Hydroseeding

At some point in your life, you’ve looked at greeneries and wondered how grasses can grow so lush and even, especially over large fields and sloping areas.

As the world becomes more urbanised and modern, finding green spaces turns out to be difficult. But it’s not impossible to achieve if ever you want one! 

A method called hydroseeding can help you achieve your desired lawn quickly and cost-effectively. Lawn established through hydroseeding has grass that grows uniformly and sturdily in just a month. Moreover, hydroseeding is a good erosion control technique, especially in sloping areas and hillsides.

What is Hydroseeding?

Hydroseeding or hydraulic seeding is the process of planting grass by spraying seeds that are suspended in water and other ingredients such as fertiliser and green dye. This mixture called slurry is sprayed onto the topsoil through a hose connected to a hydroseeding tank where the mixture is constantly homogenised.  

This process of lawn development is a much faster alternative to the traditional method of scattering dry grass seed over the field and more cost-effective than turf laying. 

Hydroseeding Essentials

Hydroseeding is a straightforward process that only requires at least two things:

  • Slurry – Slurry is the mixture of seeds, water, soil conditioner and additional components such as tracking dyes and binding agents. The green dye is used to identify the areas that have been sprayed over already while the binder or tackifier keeps the seeds fixed to the soil so that they wouldn’t be washed away by the rain and stay in place long enough to germinate. 

Hydromulching or hydraulic mulching is a variant of hydroseeding which incorporates fibre mulch into the mixture. 

  • Hydroseeder – This is the hydroseeding truck or trailer that stores and constantly combines your slurry mixture. This equipment has a built-in hose with a particular nozzle for easy spraying of the slurry mixture. 

Hydroseeding Process

Hydroseeding begins with the creation of your slurry mixture and ends with your grass or crop germination and growth, of course.  

  1. Your chosen seeds together with water, fertiliser, green dyes and binders or tackifiers are mixed together to create a thick slurry.
  2. This mixture is loaded unto the hydroseeder to continuously mix and keep the components evenly distributed.
  3. The hydroseeding tank can be mounted unto trucks or trailers for easy transport and spraying.
  4. The slurry is sprayed on the surface of your planting area using a pressurised hose and nozzle.
  5. Expect the grass to germinate within a week and your turf to be robust in about a month.

Hydroseeding is advised to be performed in the spring for seed germination because the wet and cool weather allows the soil to maintain more moisture. Moreover, hydraulic seeding during the spring can provide your grass more time to develop in the summer and fall before the damaging winter begins.

Why should you do Hydroseeding? 

Hydroseeding has so many applications and benefits to offer such as:

  • Hydroseeding is a quicker way to plant grass and crops to a vast area, much faster than the traditional method of casting dry seeds. Moreover, results of hydroseeding materialise in a shorter period of time (around 7 days) and usually with high rates of germination.
  • Although it is more expensive than the old method of scattering seeds, hydroseeding is more cost-effective than laying down sod or turf. 
  • Hydroseeding can be applied to establish grass on areas that are hardly accessible such as hillsides and steep-sloping fields. It can also provide effective erosion control for these areas as well as in construction sites. 
  • Hydroseeding can be used without mulch as long as the planting area has healthy soil and ample irrigation.
  • Hydroseeding solutions can be used to revegetate areas after a wildfire. Aircraft application may be utilized to cover the wide field faster.
  • Because of the wet slurry mixture, hydroseeding can help reduce dust pollution. Moreover, it can also prevent unwanted weeds from growing by incorporating the right ingredient in the mixture. 


Having a verdant lawn in your backyard or outside your commercial establishment adds an engaging factor to your visitors and clients. Trees Down Under can help you achieve your green landscape quickly and affordably. We offer hydroseeding and garden services to help you with your gardening and landscape beautification. Feel free to contact us anytime you want! 

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