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Stepping Stone Pathway Designs that Stand the Test of Time

Pathways create varied reasons in defining different areas of a yard or a garden. Basically, it will help your guests lead to outdoor entertaining spaces. Besides, it keeps people from walking on your flower beds and it can even provide access for easy harvesting from your vegetable garden.

Stepping stones provide a flow of both your landscape layout and the traffic all throughout your yard. Although it is the most informal kind of pathway, it looks aesthetically natural when it has curves and irregular shapes.

What are the uses of stepping-stones?

  • Stepping stones absorb the pounding of foot traffic, saving your yard or garden  from compaction problems
  • Stepping stones reduces the amount of dirt tracked into the house
  • Keeping particles or other mulch debris track into the house during wet weather

How to define the stepping stone’s durability?

In defining the material’s durability, it is best described in its ability to stay in service within its surrounding environment and absence of damages or maintenance requirement. Natural stones produce stepping stone material with desired properties, such as: 

  • Anti-skid
  • Sturdiness 
  • Durability

Natural stepping-stones’ are the most sought after material in various industries with its physical and chemical properties. They are also known for its classic look that will definitely make your garden stand out.

Advantages of Stepping Stones in your Garden or Patio

  • Requires less material to construct a natural stepping stone path in the patio or garden
  • Does not require edge-to-edge levelling during installation
  • You can design however you want it creatively from regular to irregular shapes
  • Wide variety of stone types available
  • Can use variations in shapes and sizes of the stone e.g granite, limestone, sandstone
  • Natural stepping-stones are safe for garden pathway since they’re mostly anti-skid
  • Natural stepping-stones are durable

Stepping Stone Designs

Stepping stones come in different shapes and size. They are the easiest and fastest way to build a pathway in your lawn or garden. Even though most of the stepping-stones are heavy, it requires little digging and there’s no need for complex tools to install them. Undoubtedly, the natural stone material is a perfect selection as stepping-stones in your lawn or garden.

Round or circle shape stepping-stones 

If you want to save more area for covering in your lawn or garden, round or circle stepping stone with central distance is perfect for your lawn. 

Bluestone Stepping Stone

With its traditional and timeless appearance, your garden path will definitely stand out with a plethora of pattern and colours you can choose from.

Pavers Stepping Stone

If you opt for an inexpensive and classic stepping stone, pavers will create a statement and accentuate your lawn pavement. 

Limestone Stepping stone

Limestone has a great variety of colours, shapes and sizes that will make your pavement look from rustic to luxurious design. It is also dense and durable that will stand the test of time.

Concrete Stepping Stone

The most flexible in terms of texture and shape, concrete stepping stone offers a broader array of colours that will match to your architectural taste. It is readily available all throughout the neighbourhood’s hardware store.

Avoid materials that are porous, instead, opt for hard-wearing materials such as granite, bluestone, travertine, etc.

How to maintain my garden stepping stone?

Building a stepping stone as a pathway into your garden or house gives a number of benefits apart from adding accent, it increases the value of your property. In order to magnify the experience, creating your own stepping stone is rewarding and a great activity at the same time. 

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