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Strata Services in Sydney: Is it Worth It?

In Real Estate businesses, first impressions definitely last. Potential customers can be either be sold or unsold the first moment they lay their eyes in a property. This is the reason it is important to keep a well-maintained property. You would not want people being consumed with negatively impacted thoughts in their possible future homes or properties. What you see is what you get. Stratas are no exception to this. 

Trees Down Under offers strata services in Sydney. Essentially, these services serve as a maintenance to your strata across the area. A few services for your strata can include the following: 

  • pruning and trimming
  • lawn and turf maintenance
  • spring and fall cleanup
  • garden bed maintenance and mulch
  • pest and weed control
  • snow and ice management
  • and many more 

Hiring us for strata services can greatly improve the overall service and experience of your strata buildings. These are a few things you should consider:


With Strata Services, your strata area’s environment will surely improve. By having a team that will constantly tend to the overall condition and aesthetic of your garden areas, more people will have a better experience, especially where the vibe and the aesthetic of your strata is concerned. Having a well-maintained environment promotes the overall wellness of the people who are inside. 

A good looking site can also be good in terms of your strata’s valuation. People, after all, are more willing to spend on things that are more pleasing. A good appearance definitely adds to a good experience one can get.

Health Maintenance

More than good appearances and vibes, a healthy environment is more crucial especially for people who live in Stratas. With gardens and trees around to provide homey vibe, maintenance of these trees and gardens are essential in keeping the people safer.  

Unmaintained shrubs might start housing insects and pesticides that can seriously harm people, especially ones that are just walking around the area. Constant maintenance is necessary to ensure that shrubs, gardens and trees in the area are well-kept. It is crucial that they don’t cause any sort of compromise to the safety of people by growing unhealthily and giving habitation to snakes, scorpions, bees or any unsafe wildlife. 

Snow and falling leaves can also cause some sort of hassle and disruption especially in pathways and walkways and it is essential to keep those areas well maintained. These seasonal changes can cause frequent accidents and injuries.


Getting strata services can definitely add an additional expense to the budget. Constantly spending for maintenance of Strata can result in a blow-up in the monthly expense of running a strata building. This expense could be used for something else instead. 

Third-Party Service Provider

Having another company do your strata services for you can be a bit of a gamble. Any specific thing you want done to your strata can take a while to be communicated and implemented especially since the team isn’t an in-house service of your strata. Calling in a new team to handle your Strata Services might also take time since they aren’t just inside the building complex. You might be sceptical at first. 


Here at Trees Down Under, we have been in the industry for almost three decades. Is it worth it to get strata services from us? The answer is YES. Here’s why:

  • With over so much time and customers in our three decades of operating, our experience in giving Strata Services is impeccable. Our team handles strata services professionally, reliably and swiftly. Our service ensures that lawn maintenance is your last concern in running your strata.
  • Our prices are affordable. You don’t have to worry about expending so much in getting Strata Services since we operate with affordability in mind. We want to give you the best and we serve well with your money’s worth.
  • We have served so many happy customers throughout the years. Getting feedback is important for us and we work with the goal of making our customers happy. Do you want to know whose faces we’ve put a smile on? Check this out: 
  • https://treesdownunder.com.au/happy-clients/

Your strata should be a good space for everybody in it. We can do the job of making the green spaces in the area for you the best place your residents can experience. Give us a call at 0475 463 597 or send us an enquiry here: info@treesdownunder.com.au

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