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The Best Rock Garden Ideas 2020

Creating a perfect garden is not limited to plants. Aside from the greenery, many yards in Sydney incorporate rocks to enhance their outdoors into a whole new level. A rock garden is achievable regardless of location and space you have.

Rocks can withstand high and low temperatures that can look great all year round. Also, you don’t need to live in a desert and mountains to create your rock garden. Moreover, rocks need less maintenance than foliage to keep a picturesque view of your yards.

Rocks and plants are almost present everywhere. Using both elements can help you connect with nature while keeping an impeccable garden. On that, here are the best rock garden ideas in 2020 that you can apply on your own.

Mediterranean Dry Rock Garden

If you’re an avid fan of sweet-smelling flowers, the Mediterranean-style is the best design for your rock garden. You can use different colours of rocks to surround your blossoming flowers. If you’re not fond of flowers, you can opt to use lavender and purple fountain grass to match your rockery.

Desert-Inspired Rock Garden

With the barren and rough appearance that rocks provide, it’s easy to create your desert-like garden. The abundant sunlight in your garden can help succulents and cacti thrive in your yard. Using rusty, brownish coloured rocks can elevate your backyard into a typical desert. 

Zen-style Japanese Garden

Beyond aesthetics, nothing can beat a calming and peaceful garden. Such a garden is possible with the zen style that draws inspiration from nature. The build of this garden usually has few boulders matched with green shrubs and pebbles.

Moreover, the few boulders provide miniature mountains in your rock garden. The style usually has greenery on the sides and middle to brighten the mood of your garden. Most importantly, the serene design is always suitable whether you have a large or small yard.

River Rock Garden

Creating a mini river is another best idea for your rockery. The design requires a specific arrangement of pebbles to create a beautiful stream of water. All you need is to be creative enough to mix and match the rocks to come up with a unique design you’ll admire for your garden.

Rocky Pond Landscapes

If you’re not into arranging pebbles for a mini river, then you can opt to have rocky pond landscapes. The water formation is a perfect centrepiece in a small or larger garden. If you want an innovative idea, you can use the rainwater from your rooftop to supply your pond.

A carefully planned pond can become the favourite spot of anyone who will visit your garden. Aside from the significance of rocks for this one, water plants are also crucial in creating a perfect pond. The type of plants you can opt to will depend on the water’s depth of your pond.

Placing plants in your pond can deter the growth of green algae. Here are some of the pond plants you can choose:

  • Bog Plants (Planting Depth: 0-15 cm) – Pitcher plant and Corkscrew rush
  • Marginal Depth (Planting Depth: 0-15 cm) – Papyrus and Mars Marigold
  • Submerged Plants (Planting Depth: 15-40 cm) – Hornworts, Sagittaria
  • Deep Water (Planting Depth: Over 40 cm) – Water Lily, Water Violets
  • Floating plants – Water Lettuce and Water Hyacinth

Rock Boulder Formation

Boulder formation adds simple yet great aesthetics to your rocky garden. The simplified setup of this uses three boulders at the centre, which is an alternative replacement for statues. Also, adding smaller rocks are ideal in the spaces surrounding your greenery.

Buddha-Inspired Rock Garden

Such a design is easy to pull off if you have a Buddha statue lying around. If you don’t have one, other large objects can replace the figure as a centrepiece of your rock garden. Bamboo and other large plants are ideal for matching the overall oriental design.

Rock Mulch

Mulching your garden is a technique used to cover the soil with organic materials that can help keep moisture and temperature. Aside from dried leaves and crushed woods as mulch, rocks are ideal for mulching as well.

Covering the surrounding empty spaces of your garden with rocks can help you eliminate weeds. But the use of stones for mulching is more of a design rather than functional for your garden. You can create spiral patterns and other arrangements of these rocks to attain an impeccable flower bed.

Rock Garden on a Low Hill

Of all the sloped rock gardens, the low hill idea is the most common. Building this can help you imitate a natural outcrop or a bedding plane at a relatively lower price. All you need to do is fit the stones and plants in a way that they look great and appealing.

Rocky Entryway

A rocky entryway creates a stunning and magnificent passage for your garden. As if you see a portal to another dimension, the structure needs strong adhesion so that stones won’t fall easily. Also, this top-tier rock garden idea requires more work and a pro’s skill to complete.


Aside from greenery, rocks can offer aesthetics in achieving a perfect garden. The usage of stones can keep your garden lively all year round as it can withstand extreme weather and needs less maintenance than plants. 

Moreover, any rock garden requires thorough planning and skills to create an astonishing output. Thus, an expert’s guidance is necessary. Despite the trends in the rockery, you must apply your tastes for a unique design.

At Trees Down Under, we can help you build your dream rock garden. Our team has the expertise to guide you on the ideal plants, rocks and designs for your outdoors. With more than 30 years of experience in beautifying gardens across Sydney, we can help you meet your vision of a beautiful home garden.

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