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Top 5 Grass Species Used in Lawn Turfing

Oftentimes, part of the garden thoughts you have in mind often involves a garden that has that expanse of green grass that covers your land area. It’s a grassy space where you water in the morning and a place you can sit in on cool afternoons when you’re taking a break from some common housework. As such, putting or planting that grass in place needs a bit of planning to make sure that the lawn work in your gardens is nothing less than perfect.

The process of applying or growing a layer of grass to your lawn is called lawn turfing. Lawn turfing involves the preparation of the soil where your grass will be. It also involves the kind of grass you’re going to apply to the area. There are actually many things to consider when you’re thinking of having grass around your garden. As such, these are the top grass species you can consider in making your gardens the green space you want to be in:

St. Augustine Grass

The St. Augustine Grass has been one of the most popular grass choices for lawn turfing. It is not only a known choice in Sydney but all around the world. Despite the constant need for moisture, the reason for its popularity is this: St. Augustine grass grows in almost any type of soil. It grows best in warm weather and thrives well in sunlight as compared to shady areas. St. Augustine Grass gives off the thick grass look in your lawns. It grows well on coasts too.


Another top choice of lawn turfing grass is Bluegrass. Unlike the St. Augustine grass, Bluegrass can thrive in cool and shady areas. This type of grass can grow quite tall and has narrow boat-shaped blades. The most famous variety of the Bluegrass is the Kentucky Bluegrass, which is very durable and can withstand heavy foot traffic. The Bluegrass gives off a bluish-green hue. Bluegrass is good self-reparation and making your lawn look full.

Zoysia Grass

The Zoysia Grass is a warm-season grass that grows best with more sunlight. However, it still grows relatively well even with some shade around. It is highly adaptable anywhere. Zoysia Grass resembles your carpet in the living room because of its thin, narrow, needle-like blades. Zoysia grass is best seen in golf courses and thus, can withstand high foot traffic too. It is very low maintenance for lawn turves and it is one of the many preferred grass species around.

Bermuda Grass

You probably heard most of the Bermuda Grass. There are plenty of types of Bermuda Grass to choose from. It is a warm-season grass and grows well in settings with more sunlight. Moreover, Bermuda Grass can be planted anywhere. It can be seen growing in public spaces, golf courses, lawns, etc.. This is because Bermuda Grass is easy to grow and is a good variety that withstands activity. This type of grass is durable and also repairs itself quite well.

Fescue Grass

Another name of grass you might have known about is the Fescue Grass. Unlike most grass species that thrive really well with more sunlight, this cool-season grass appreciates the shade way more than it wants sunlight. The Fescue Grass grows fine blades and can be a good playing space for your kids and pets in the yard. Moreover, the Fescue Grass is tough and can fight off competing weeds in its area. This grass can also survive well in the winter.


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