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Top 5 Native Australian Plants that Should be in Your Garden

Modern and revolutionary garden designs use a wide range of plants that accompany a spectrum of colours and forms. While it sounds easy, gardeners need to consider the Australian climate to ensure the growth of their plants. 

On the other hand, you can take your head off the guesswork by going straight for locally endemic plants. By introducing a few native plants, you can ensure that your garden will stay aesthetically pleasing all year-round.

Moreover, growing Australian native plants are becoming more popular as you can integrate them into all garden designs. To transform your backyard into an Australian oasis, here are the top five Australian plants that should be in your garden.

  1. Spotted Emu Bush (Eremophila maculata)

The ideal plant for the Sydney sunlight, the Spotted Emu Bush is an alluring and resilient plant for your dry land. Its fuchsia-shaped flowers bloom during late winter to spring and can fill your garden with orange and yellow hues while in buds, to a deep pink tint in full bloom.

Moreover, if you think you lack the green thumb, don’t fret ‒ because this shrub can withstand extreme conditions and only needs occasional watering. Just put it somewhere with full sun, and it will do its thing. Also, Spotted Emu Bushes are found all across Australia except for Darwin and the east shores of Queensland. 

And if you want something that’s genuinely symbolic for NSW, try growing Waratahs.

  1. Waratah (Telopea speciosissima)

Possibly the most-loved native flower, Waratahs are large shrubs that boast large and brightly-coloured flowers. These plants grow well across the New South Wales, but even though they are natives, Waratahs can put your patience to the test. However, the results are always more than worth it.

Waratahs struggle to grow in moist clay soils and most likely thrive in sandy soils. In planting them, find a sheltered spot safe from strong winds, as it causes petal burns during flowering. Besides, a bright garden stands out during the holidays, and you can make it better by growing plants that bring in the Christmas spirit.

  1. NSW Christmas Bush (Ceratopetalum gummiferum)

The NSW Christmas Bush is yet another indigenous plant that decorates itself. It flourishes along the east coast of Australia and is ideal for bringing in the season to your garden. On the other hand, make sure to provide enough space as this yuletide bush can grow up to four metres tall. Aside from that, plant it in a sunny spot on well-drained soil.

Similar to bougainvillea and poinsettia, the NSW Christmas bush doesn’t have the brightest flowers. But its vibrancy comes from stunning scarlet red sepals that decorate the tree right before Christmas. Furthermore, its stems and flowers are typically knitted together into fence decors and door wreaths for the yuletide season.

Another plant that brings a happy vibe, not only to your walls but also to fences and trellis is the Happy Wanderer.

  1. Happy Wanderer (Hardenbergia violacea)

Give your fences a majestic touch by decorating it with the native Happy Wanderer. This native vine produces lilac flowers that can also come in white, pink, and mauve hues. With only little watering, a bit of shade, and well-drained soil, this plant will happily wander up the walls and trellises effortlessly.

Additionally, it suits most cities in Australia and is known to bloom during winter and spring. It is also an evergreen plant, making it an ideal plant to adorn your garden with a lush and colourful tone all year-round.

  1. Kangaroo Paw (Anigozanthos flavidus)

A native flower that grows in southwest Australia, Kangaroo Paws are best grown in garden beds and pots, as they do not become too large. On the other hand, its deep-red and yellow flower blooms above the foliage from late winter through summer. 

Moreover, its long flower acts as a flag to attract pollinators and perfectly highlights your green bushes with bright flush tints. Kangaroo Paws also flourish in Sydney’s temperate climate, making it one of the best plants your garden should have.

With the right landscape design and native plant choice, you can enjoy gardening without compromising its future elegance.


Native Australian plants are uniquely suited to grow in temperate soils. You can use the ones we mentioned in different styles and designs depending on how they can perform best. Nevertheless, these plants are vital in the identity of an Aussie garden and are the core of many floral backyards in Sydney.

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