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5 Australian Trees That Need No Maintenance

Planting trees in your lawn can increase your property’s value and decrease your energy bills. They offer a picturesque view and shade to protect you and your family for warmer and colder months. Moreover, since Australia often suffers from bushfires, the local councils urge residents to plant trees within their backyard. In this way, they can counter the carbon dioxide emission, especially in urbanised areas. 

However, most Australians don’t have the time to take care of trees within their garden. Tree care is essential to develop and maintain healthy growth. Thus, choosing trees that need no or little maintenance is the right option. 

Are you wondering what trees are perfect for your garden layout? Here are 5 examples of Australian trees that need no  or little maintenance:

Acacia Trees

Acacia, or commonly known as Wattles, is the largest genus of vascular plants in Australia. About 1000 acacia species are across the country’s forests with 9.8 million hectares or 8% of the total forest area.  

They vary from low-growing species to larger shrubs and trees. Acacia trees are perfect for garden spaces as they bloom colourful foliage and provide shade. Due to its rigid structure that is highly resistant to moisture loss, garden owners choose to plant them in their backyard. In spring, they bloom yellow puffball flowers with a sweet aroma. 

Furthermore, Acacia evergreen species, such as Bower Wattle, can withstand severe temperature changes without losing their leaves throughout the year. It is one one the most low-maintenance and drought-resistant trees sought in the garden community. 


Grevillea is another evergreen flowering plant that ranges from shrubs to trees. A grevillea tree can grow up to 35m tall, ideal for shading and privacy purposes. It is one of the sought plants for garden owners because it is self-sufficient and has unique spider-like flowers. Furthermore, thanks to its nectar-rich flowers, it invites bees, butterflies, and birds in your outdoor space.   

Grevillea’s perfect location is in a sunny position with well-drained soil. It grows more healthy with deep watering, which penetrates the topsoil 20cm below its surface. 

Lilly Pilly

Lilly pilly, or also known as Australian cherry, is a common hedging plant in Australia. It is ideal for marking boundaries and giving your property some privacy since it grows up to 30m tall. Moreover, it usually has thick foliage with a glossy sheen, and it also grows edible berries. These attract birds and passersby as their colourful flowers and appearance are truly eye-catching. 

As an evergreen, Lilly Pilles can withstand season changes without dropping their leaves. Planting them in moist and fertile soil is the best choice, but they can also survive in drought, full shade, frosts, sandy soil, and coastal conditions.    

Coast Banksia

Another Australian evergreen native is Coast Banksia. Coast Banksia trees can grow 25m-30m tall and usually have stouts, irregular trunks, and low branches. Furthermore, they have distinctive elongated flower spikes and jagged leaves. As these flower spikes age, they transform to large woody cones with grey colour. 

Coast Banksia is best to thrive in sandy soils. But, some species can grow in dry condition, heavier soils, rainforests, and coastal areas. Also, it usually survives during winter and areas with annual rainfall less than 200 millimetres. 

Grass Trees

Grass trees are iconic plants for most Australians, especially for garden enthusiasts. They are perennials that can grow from 1m to 6m tall. Their growth rate is about 1cm/year, which makes them low maintenance. It takes about 20 years before they bloom flowers. They are well-known for their charcoal trunk and flower spikes that can extend up to 4m long. 

In case of fire incidents, grass trees can quickly recover, thanks to their starch storage. Also, they produce nectars that serve as food for insects and birds. If you choose to plant them, time and patience are crucial factors as they are slow-growing trees.


As a garden owner, there is nothing more satisfying than to have a visually appealing garden. Planting trees can give aesthetics and privacy to one’s property. However, maintaining them through regular pruning and trimming can be quite a hassle. Fortunately, you can choose from the 5 Australian trees presented through this article to save time and effort from maintenance.

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