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Best Time to Trim Your Golden Wattle

The Golden Wattle (Acacia pycnantha) is a popular native shrub or small tree in Australia. It is very dear to Australians because it has been with them since time immemorial and they have been using it for various purposes. Moreover, the Golden Wattle is the country’s national floral emblem, which symbolises their unity and strong spirit.

There are over 960 Acacia species in Australia, but the Golden Wattle is one of the widely distributed species across the country. Popularly grown as an ornamental plant, this Acacia tree offers Australian gardens eye-catching bright yellow, fragrant flowers that grow abundantly before the spring season begins. 

Uses and Benefits of Golden Wattles

Early inhabitants of Australia have utilised the different parts of Acacia trees for myriad purposes. Some traditional uses of the tree include food, medicine, dyes, glues, tools, weapons, and musical instruments, to name a few. At present, Wattles still have so much to offer.

  • Ornamental tree – Golden Wattles are widely grown as an ornamental or feature tree due to their bright yellow flowers.
  • Windbreak and erosion control – Golden Wattles are great at breaking winds and controlling erosions. They are usually paired with a taller sugar gum tree to create a double-layered windbreak.
  • Perfume and honey – The fragrant flowers of Golden Wattles are harvested to make perfumes and honey in humid areas.
  • Tannins –  Among all Wattles species, the Golden Wattle offers the highest yield of tannin in its bark
  • Firewood – Wattles make excellent fuel wood because they burn hot and long
  • Gum – Acacia trees produce gum when they are stressed. Gum arabic can be utilised to create a number of products including adhesives, cosmetics, soap, polishers, paints, and thickener and emulsifiers in the food industry. 

How to Grow Golden Wattles in Sydney

Wattles are fast-growing evergreen trees that have a relatively short life span, typically 15 to 30 years. They can grow well in any soil type as long as it has proper drainage. Golden Wattles need to be in full sun or part shady locations and they also require regular watering, especially when they are still young. 

Wattles are extremely resilient trees that can withstand droughts, strong winds, and bush fires in the country. Golden Wattles, in particular, are frost hardy. They can tolerate frosts to -7 degrees Celsius. Golden Wattles don’t have a lot of nutrient requirements but they can be sensitive to high levels of phosphorus

Pruning Requirements To Maintain Your Golden Wattle

Golden Wattles do not require heavy pruning. However, doing an occasional light pruning can keep their vigour and prolong their life. As well as shaping and taming them, pruning also gives your Golden Wattle more compact bushes. 

When is the best time to trim your Golden Wattle

Golden Wattles are best trimmed when they are still young and right after they have finished flowering. The rationale behind this is because sap-flow is the strongest at this time, so trimming them at that period will result in tougher succeeding growth. Remember that Golden Wattles only need light or tip pruning, so you should not cut into branches that are thicker than a pencil. 

If your Golden Wattle has grown enormously that it needs significant reduction, you can do so strictly during its flowering period. Only at that time can you give your tree a heavy cut, trimming plenty of its branches and growths. After so, immediately cover up the large wounds and cuts with white paint to save your tree from dying. 

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