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Best Time of the Year to Trim Trees

As the popular belief says, there is perfect timing for everything. Believe it or not, that is also the case when trimming your trees. Although trees can naturally grow without too much human intervention, it’s a different issue when you need to maintain their well-being inside a property. Trimming and pruning are essential to achieve the right height and attain the preferred foliage volume for safety and aesthetic. 

Most gardeners would suggest trimming and pruning during the trees’ dormant season. As an expert, we are saying that it is partly true. Besides dormancy, there are many other things to consider, such as desired landscape design, safety, and trees’ well-being. 

Trim to Achieve Attractive Growth

In time, leaves will grow thick enough to look untidy for some garden owners. Specifically, if you consider your trees as lawn enhancers and as hedges, you need to maintain their foliage volume. 

For instance, topiaries, which forms the foliage into ornamental shapes, require detailed clipping maintenance whenever they deform. Meanwhile, hedges need regular cutting to stay on their required height, width, and spacing. 

So consider minor trimming efforts any time of the year to achieve attractive growth of trees. However, note that you should only cut up to 10-15% of the tree’s canopy to keep them healthy and strong.  

Trim to Prevent Accidents

You cannot deny the fact that trees are a falling hazard. Their heavy branches and large trunks are enough to knock down a person. In fact, about 150 workers suffer from injuries while conducting tree works every year. 

Furthermore, they are significantly dangerous when a storm is coming. Based on research, 150km/hr (Category 3 cyclone) is the critical wind speed where a tree trunk breaks regardless of size or species.  If you don’t want to remove your trees, pruning them might be the next best option. 

For safety, plant only small to medium-sized trees on your property. But if you want the large ones, ask professional arborists to conduct pruning services at least once every two or three years to maintain a safe height and distance. 

Trim to Get Rid of Possible Pests and Diseases

Once pests and diseases have affected trees, you should cure them right away with different tree treatments. 

Cutting down pest-infested and diseased branches are essential to extend the life of your sick tree. Also, it is a way to contain the spread of the disease in your outdoor space. However, spotting warning signs of illness is not as easy as it sounds. Thus, check out this article for guidance.

Don’t wait for these pests and diseases to spread uncontrollably. Trees Down Under is just one call away for your trimming and pruning needs, anytime or anywhere in Sydney.  

Trim When Necessary

Once trees mature, they require less maintenance and care unless they have incurring pests or diseases. However, they need trimming and pruning from time to time to keep their groom and beauty. 

You can set a schedule with experts to conduct intricate clipping of leaves and cutting of branches. As some people recommend, winter or early spring is the best time to perform these tasks to ensure healthy growth, especially for deciduous trees. However, some trees don’t follow this principle. 

Thus, it is best to research intensely and connect with a garden service provider like Trees Down Under to prevent hasty decisions. In the end, it is for the safety and well-being of your trees. 


Aside from plants and shrubs, trees are a perfect addition to your garden, especially if you want a breath of fresh air. And like any other living, they require proper care and treatment for healthy growth. 

One way to do that is through trimming. It keeps trees’ foliage in shape and gets rid of pests and diseases. Honestly, you can cut leaves and branches any time of the year, especially when they become a threat to the community’s health and safety. 

Most Trusted Tree Service Provider in Sydney

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