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What is the Difference Between Tree Lopping & Tree Pruning?

Trees grow and will eventually need trimming. You can remove branches from a tree using two distinct techniques, lopping and pruning.

These two techniques often get mixed up as they somehow involve similar methods. However, they produce vastly different results.

For someone who has little understanding of arboriculture, it might not be easy to distinguish the techniques. This article will help you differentiate tree lopping and pruning so you can make the right decisions when trimming trees

Tree Lopping

Lopping is a preventive approach of careful branch cutting for directional growth. It helps you save a tree as you only remove branches instead of eliminating the entire tree.

Its main focus is to cut off damaged or rotten parts of a tree that no longer show signs of growth while encouraging longevity.

Basically, lopping is the trimming of branches to reduce the tree size. Some trees can grow larger, giving you a headache, especially those standing a few meters away from your property. Chances are, you will be dealing with trees interfering with your walls or roof.

Besides, their branches may endanger the people around the area as they can fall unexpectedly at any minute. Trees with damaged sections need lopping to restore their health and extend their lifespan.

For a tree lopping service, you will need the help of professionals. It’s essential to know who to call if you ever have trees on your property to take care of.

The experts can help you cut down half of your tree at a safe height and perform tree lopping using the right tools and equipment. 

Tree Pruning

Pruning focuses on cutting away small tree branches partly when necessary. It is a beneficial process for trees, especially when it comes to the perspective of health.

You can prune a tree using different techniques, such as crown lifting, thinning, cleaning, and reduction.

Since trees will have new shoots that will later turn into branches, removing them earlier will help keep your trees in shape.

Old branches will keep growing, and the developing shoots can go out of boundaries when they start to get big. New branches can occupy significant space for other plants. Hence, you will need to have them pruned as early as possible.

Besides, trees are vulnerable to diseases and other infestations. Fortunately, pruning can prevent the spread of such diseases. If the problem has started from the branches or leaves, your trusted arborist can spot them and cut those parts for you.

If you have certain tree types that bear fruit or flower, then you must practice annual pruning. This is because new branches will guarantee the growth of high-quality flowers and fruit.  

Final Thoughts

Trees play an important role in our surroundings, and they need proper care for our safety. If you have trees that’s near structures or buildings, lopping and pruning them would be necessary.

Lopping allows you to remove damaged portions of trees to reduce tree size, while pruning helps improve trees’ health and shape.

Both lopping and pruning can save a tree. However, if these two processes fail to do so, complete tree removal would be your last resort.

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