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Evergreens for Hedging

Aside from aesthetic, hedge plants are the perfect solution when you want to mark your property’s boundary for some privacy. In choosing the right type of plants as hedges, you need to consider evergreens since they can withstand season changes. 

Unlike deciduous plants, the leaves of evergreens do not drop their leaves during autumn, and they can withstand the cold temperature of winter. Thus, evergreens are the perfect hedges that can cover your outdoor space all year long. 

So, if you want to start investing in hedge plants for a visually appealing garden and privacy, you can consider these popular evergreens:


Boxwood is one of the most used hedge plants since it responds well to pruning and trimming. Its small and evergreen leaves are ideal for topiary, which is the art of shaping trees and shrubs into figure-like structures.  

Height/Spread: 0.3 m to 6 m tall / 0.6 m to 2.5 m wide

Exposure to sunlight: Full or partial shade

Soil Requirements: Well-drained soil


Spruce is an evergreen tree with leaves like needles. This dense, compact, and narrow-leaved tree requires consistent shearing, but it is useful as a windbreak or property screen. 

Height/Spread: 12 m to 18 m tall / 3 m to 6 m wide

Exposure to sunlight: Full 

Soil Requirements: Loam, moist, and well-drained soil


Yew is a dense evergreen that can respond well to pruning. Its uniformity can form a great wall, which is perfect for enclosed gardens. With its red berries, it can add colour harmony to your landscape design

Height/Spread: Up to 2 m tall / Up to 5 m wide

Exposure to sunlight: Full, partial, or shaded depending on the variety 

Soil Requirements: Neutral pH, and well-drained soil

Colour Varieties: Non-flowering, dark-green needle leaves with red berries


Known for its pyramid-like shape, Arborvitae can add a different form on your overall garden style. This type of hedge tree doesn’t require much maintenance. It doesn’t need tree pruning, and it is pest-resistant. 

If it is your goal to make it as a windbreaker, you can space the trees 1.5 m to 1.8 m apart. But for a more gradual hedge, you need a 3 m to 3.8 m spacing. 

Height/Spread: Up to 18 m tall / Up to 6 m wide

Exposure to sunlight: Full or partial 

Soil Requirements: Any kind of soil, but best on moist and well-drained loam soil


Firethorn is a popular evergreen for hedging, especially for Christmas. It blooms white flowers in spring and orange-red berries from summer to winter. Its unruly appearance might turn you off, but once you see its balance in your garden, it can look elegant for the overall landscape. 

Moreover, it is a fast grower and drought-tolerant. You can space each firethorn 1 m to 1.3 m apart.   

Height/Spread: 2.4 m to 3.7 m tall / 1 m to 1.5 m wide

Exposure to sunlight: Full or partial 

Soil Requirements: Moist and well-drained soil

Colour Varieties: Small white flowers resulting in orangey fruits


One of the classic evergreens for hedging is privet. Its dense foliage responds well to pruning, which can be done after flowering. This fast-grower plant can adapt and grow to any condition, which makes it ideal for first-time gardeners. 

Height/Spread: Up to 4.5 m tall / 1.5 m to 1.8 m wide

Exposure to sunlight: Full, partial, or shaded 

Soil Requirements: Any type of soil

Colour Varieties: White flowers, black berries


Holly is a popular evergreen that you can use as a hedge. Known for its red berries, the female set of fruit requires male to cross-pollinate. Sometimes, it needs peat or garden sulphur. As a medium grower, you need to space it 0.6 m to 1.2 m apart.  

Height/Spread: 1.8 m to 3 m tall / 1.5 m to 2.5 m wide

Exposure to sunlight: Full or partial

Soil Requirements: Slightly acidic, well-drained, and fertile soil

Colour Varieties: Greenish-white flowers and red berries


Evergreens are the perfect choice for hedging since they can withstand season changes without dropping their leaves all year long. You can choose the right plants depending on their variety, flower/fruit colour, height, spread, and maintenance. 

Maintenance of evergreen plants can be quite challenging. You need to research a lot to avoid improper plant care. So, when in doubt, you can always ask for assistance from Trees Down Under.

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