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Hedge Trees Explained

Anyone has a dream house in mind. Along with a great and functional interior and exterior design of a home, people would want to have a lawn for gardening and relaxation purposes. Today, more and more homeowners are investing in landscape design to beautify their yard using plants, shrubs, and trees. 

If you want to provide aesthetic and privacy in your property at the same time, Trees Down Under is here to explain how hedge trees are the perfect solution for that.  

What are Hedge Trees?

A hedge or hedgerow is a line of spaced plants, shrubs, and trees that form a barrier or mark a boundary of property between neighbouring areas. Since Medieval times, it is a common practice to design the lawn in this way for aesthetic and privacy purposes. You can probably picture it from monastic and palace gardens shown in movies. 

Why Use Hegde Trees?

People use hedge trees as windbreaks that slow down the wind for the benefit of soil, crops, plants, and people. Furthermore, when clipped and maintained, they are simple forms of topiary. It is the practice of shaping twigs and shrubs to develop clearly defined shapes like a sculpture.

Also, as trees are large in sizes, they are the perfect protection for your property from unwanted guests who want to trespass your area.  

Importance of Hedge Trees

Hedge trees have historical significance for the wildlife and landscape. Hedge trees can help prevent environmental disasters such as flooding, soil erosion, and pollution.  

As a property owner, you can maximise hedge trees to protect you and the community from environmental hazards. In this way, you can enjoy your garden and benefit from it at the same time.  

Common Types of Hedge Trees

Spruce Trees

Known for its pyramidal shape, small spruce trees, which can grow up to 20 metres tall (small species), are ideal for hedges. They can form a solid hedge with less effort, and they are easy to take care of. However, make sure to use moist soil and fertilise them regularly so they can last for a long time. 

American Arborvitae

Another common type of hedge trees suitable for your lawn is American Arborvitae. This kind of tree can retain its green colour throughout the year. With its unique shape of a wide bottom and tapered top, it will add a visually appealing aesthetic in your lawn.   

Furthermore, it can grow 1.5 metres wide at the bottom, but it is easy to maintain and trim. You can space them tighter for security or farther for a visual break.  


Evergreen trees can keep their leaves all year long, which is the perfect kind to serve as a windbreaker in your property any time of the year. May it be summer or winter, they can withstand temperature changes, which also means to give your home privacy. 

Even though they can last all year long, you still need to take care of them to ensure their well-being. 


Juniper, which is an example of evergreen, is an excellent choice if you want a quick-growing tree for your property. You can place juniper trees so close to each other that will undoubtedly provide borders within your area. While they can grow from 4 to 6 metres, it is essential to have a regular pruning so that you can easily maintain your hedge. 


As a property owner, you might want to have a visually appealing lawn that has a function aside from purely aesthetic. With hedge trees planted, they can serve as a mark or boundary for your outdoor space. Furthermore, they can actually save your place from environmental hazards such as flooding, soil erosion, and pollution. 

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