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How to Choose the Right Artificial Turf for Your Lawn

As climate change makes it difficult to sustain a lush garden, many households in Sydney opt for artificial turf. The extreme changing weather creates many brown patches and uneven colours to your greenery. But with synthetic grass, worry less to achieve a green yard all year round.

Installing artificial turf in your yard means less maintenance and no watering. Also, you don’t need to apply fertilisers, pesticides and herbicides to keep a perfect lawn. Beyond that, artificial grass gives you a wide array of options to beautify your home from its types, colours, shades and thickness.

Moreover, high-quality fabricated grass can last for more than 20 years— providing huge savings from costs and maintenance. Setting artificial turf in your lawn is a long-term investment; thus, it’s crucial to choose the best product in making a lush garden for decades.

That said, here are the factors to consider when opting for the right artificial greenery in your lawn:


As kids and even pets love to play on your lawn, it’s ideal to have a durable artificial turf. The fabricated grass should withstand your daily outdoor activities. If you don’t consider the frequent usage of it, your investment could wear out too quickly.


Choosing a high-quality artificial turf doesn’t necessarily mean buying the most expensive one. The healthy competition in the marketplace provides plenty of affordable, but quality-grade synthetic greenery. Also, you can check if it’s highly durable and other traits for your personal preference.

Here are some of the traits of a high-quality artificial turf:

  • Soft to touch
  • UV and stain resistant
  • Well stitched turf
  • Certified lead-free
  • Consistency in colour

Pile Height

The pile height is the blade length usually measured in millimetres from the top of the backing to the turf’s tip. Residential lawns typically use more extended pile height as it is more visually appealing and soft underfoot. However, a very long blade will flatten out over time, making your artificial lawn weathered and flat.

On that, the recommended blade length is 30-37 mm. Such a short length will give you a natural-like lawn that looks fresh yet well-manicured. But it would help if you still swept it now and then, but not as often as you would with longer pile height. 

Density and Weight

When choosing a durable synthetic grass, opt to a denser product that has more fabricated yarns per square foot of turf. As for weight, heavier artificial greenery indicates higher quality. A thicker and heavier artificial grass is expensive. Still, such investment can last for 20 years or more when properly handled and maintained.


Selecting colours of your synthetic turf is a crucial decision, considering it will furnish your yard for a couple of years. Take a close look on your lawn, and you can see the colour isn’t uniform. With that, you can opt for varying shades of green to make your yard completely natural-looking.

The commonly mixed colours in synthetic grass are olive-green, dark green and lime green. Aside from the different shades of green, you can opt for a product with a few brown flecks. The minimal brownish touch in it can make your lawn look even more natural and full.

Artificial Turf Composition

Inspecting the composition of the synthetic grass can help you choose the right quality product. The C4 materials in fabricated greenery is a recycled polyethylene that is sensitive to temperature and potentially unstable to UV lights. The C4 turf is cheap, but it might end up costing you more visually and financially.

Meanwhile, you can opt for C6 as a high-quality material for your artificial lawn. Such composition means that your synthetic turf is more robust, less sensitive to temperature and softer to touch. 

Infill and Backing

The typically used infills are sand and rubber granules which provide weight and body to the grass while protecting the base of the yarns. However, rubber under extreme heat can produce minimal toxic chemical residue to your yard. On that, the installation company can help you use gravels and other types of infill to suit your changing needs.

Moreover, the backing of your synthetic lawn uses polyurethane or latex. The latex can expand and contract under extreme heat, but poly backed materials do not. Polyurethane-based products are ideal for installing in a scorching area, making sure your artificial lawn won’t expand and contract that might cause ripples and tears.

Non-Allergic Artificial Turf

Some designs of faux lawns deter allergens or hypoallergenic. It’s necessary especially if you’re installing artificial greenery for your children and pets. With that consideration, it’s better to always look for synthetic grass that naturally deters allergens such as pollens and dust.


When choosing the right synthetic grass for your lawn, always ask for the warranties of the product. Consider how long it will last and what it covers. Most of the manufacturing companies give a 15-year warranty while products start to wear out after 20 or more years.

See to it that the warranty offers solutions when there are damages in your artificial lawn. You can also look for a product warranty that covers UV stabilisation or colour fade and the general integrity of the fake greenery.


Maintaining a lush natural lawn becomes difficult due to the extreme weather condition. As a result, artificial turf is ideal for making a perfect lawn without worrying from the damaging heat of the sun.  

Moreover, installing synthetic turf is a long-term investment. Thus, it’s crucial to have thorough speculation on what are the factors you should consider before choosing the best product for your lawn. Also, artificial greenery can last longer when you properly maintain and handle it.

At Trees Down Under, we offer the best gardening services in Sydney. Our expert team can remove damaged lawns and install your synthetic turf for an impeccable garden you aspire. We can also guide you from the installation process to finding the right artificial grass for your lawn.

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