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Is Artificial Turf Right for Your Yard?

A yard with lush grasses is an excellent outdoor spot to play with your kids and pets. As Sydney’s climate is getting warmer, you might see uneven colours and brown patches in your lawn. In effect, artificial turfs become popular as mainstream landscaping options in the city.

Artificial grass has become a realistic and affordable option to replace natural grass in lawns. It’s also more convenient to use when putting greens surrounding your pools, rooftops and decorative borders between patio pavers. 

Moreover, the synthetic turf has a good drainage layer compacted usually with gravel. It has recycled crumb rubber or sand to prevent the stiff breeze from blowing it. Also, it gives you a wide array of options in textures, finishes, colours and blade shapes.

But should you go for it? Before you can decide, it’s crucial to weigh the benefits and drawbacks of having artificial grass installed in your property. With that, here are the factors to help you decide if artificial turf is right for your yard:

Lesser Maintenance

If you have a tight schedule, installing artificial turf can save you a lot of time. The artificial grass won’t require you to spend hours in mowing and trimming your yard. On that, you can spend your weekends to bond with your family more.

However, it doesn’t mean that synthetic grass is maintenance-free. You still need to clean and rinse the debris and dirt in it. Also, grooming your lawn is necessary to fluff the grass blades and keep it matted.

Reduced Utility Bills

Is your water bill too high, especially in summer? It’s because one-third of your bill goes to watering your lawn. With the artificial grass, say goodbye to your sprinklers and expensive water bill.

Opting for artificial turf means no mowing, which can cut a chunk from your electric bills. As natural grass requires mowing to maintain, the mower consumes a large amount of electricity. Aside from that, natural grass releases oxygen while mowing it contributes to carbon pollution— the by-product of burning fuels to produce energy.

Prevent Chemical Use

A well-maintained natural grass is somehow applied with fertilisers to boost growth. But with synthetic turf in your yard, you’re preventing the use of fertilisers. Also, you won’t need pesticides and herbicides to keep up a perfect lawn.

Eliminate Allergens in Yard

Artificial turf is ideal if you or someone in your family has allergies. Ryegrass and dust are the primary culprits of hay fevers in the months of spring and summer. Having synthetic grass installed in your yard means minimal dust and weeds— reducing those nasty allergens in your yard.


It’s no brainer that synthetic lawn won’t die in drought, making it green throughout the year. It’s less vulnerable to weeds, pests, heat, light and moisture than natural grass. Artificial turf is also extremely durable as it is dig-proof for dogs and varmints, withstanding any torture or damages.

Installation and Cost

Another factor in the decision-making of having artificial turf in your yard is how easy to install it. Before rolling out a synthetic turf, you need to prepare the ground, layout the base layer and apply a weed membrane. After that, installation can become very quick and may require you to seek professional service, which is the same with natural grass.

On the other hand, the cost is the most significant factor to consider when you want an artificial lawn. From the installation to the grass carpet itself, it is very pricey. But once you have it in your yard, it’s a long-term investment that can benefit you from less maintenance and cost for 20 years or more.

Safer Surface

Installing artificial turf to your yard is ideal when your kids love to play outdoors. The synthetic grass has a smooth and even surface that prevents your kids and even adults from tripping. Moreover, many versions of the fabricated lawn have increased shock absorption, which protects kids from falls as high as five feet.

Drawbacks of Artificial Turf

Nothing is perfect, and the same goes with artificial turf. When deciding to install the fabricated grass, it’s necessary to know what are the drawbacks of having it in your yard. Here are some of the disadvantages of artificial greenery:

Surface Heat

The biggest downside of artificial turf is it holds more heat than natural grass. With the blazing sun of Australia’s summer, it can melt slowly while radiating heat in its surrounding area. Burning charcoal can also melt the plastic grass, fortunately, it is repairable.

Odour Build-Up

Same with natural grass, you need to clean up messes in artificial greenery. It’s necessary to rinse it with water when there are droppings and other wastes. Otherwise, odours will build up and cling to the infill of the lawn.

Toxic Run-off Concern

The run-off from the crumb rubber infill is still a major concern for many people. Scientific studies have shown a minimal level of toxic residue from the infill can harm your family, pets, or the environment. As of now, many manufacturers are providing alternative infill materials to solve such an issue.

Ends Up in Landfills

The supposed life expectancy of the artificial turf is around 15-25 years. However, improper care and handling of the synthetic lawn can speed up the wear and tear it receives. Such damage might cause it to end up in landfills sooner than you expected. On that, proper handling is vital so you can look forward to using it for decades.


There are many factors to consider before installing artificial turf for your yard. Weighing the advantages and disadvantages of fabricated greenery can help in your decision-making. A synthetic lawn can help you reduce costs and maintenance in achieving lush greenery for your home.

Moreover, installing artificial turf depends on whether you like the appearance and aesthetics it brings to your lawns. Despite its minimal drawbacks, proper care and handling can help you enjoy the long-lasting benefits that synthetic turf provides.

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