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Lawn Drainage: How to Do It Right

Wet spots will not only cause inconvenience, but they are also considered as unsightly to the overall appearance of your lawn. Poorly designed lawn drainage leads to a multitude of problems such as fungal diseases, moulds, weed infestation, flooding, etc. 

Rainwater runoff is mainly the cause of the multitude of emerging problems in the yard including the boggy patches. Also, the excess rainwater is detrimental to your landscape’s retaining wall which can result in structural damage or soil erosion. To resolve and prevent these emerging problems, have your lawn drainage installed the right way. 

Different Types of Lawn Drainage

  1. Surface drainage. As the name suggests, surface drainage will collect and redirect any excess water. The surface drainage will direct the water elsewhere to prevent from causing damage on your lawn. There several types of surface drainage including:
  • Spoon drain – is a type of shallow drain made from concrete. It is often installed to redirect any excess water in the garden.
  • Bioswale – is a type of vegetated ditch with slope sides which concentrates on redirecting rainwater runoff
  • Rain garden drain – a cost-effective type of surface drain that reduces runoff water. This drain helps prevent soil erosion
  1. Subsurface drainage. This type of drainage is buried beneath the ground or soil. It can be installed in the earlier stages of your landscaping construction. You can also have it installed to your existing garden.

Install Lawn Drainage Properly

Depending on the type of drainage, installing or creating lawn drainage today is no longer complicated nor expensive. With the wide array of off-the-shelf DIY materials available in the market, you can choose what type of drain you want to install. 

Check these simple and effective lawn drainage tips to prevent any excess water from causing damage to your vibrant landscape. Gather all the necessary lawn drainage materials, tools and equipment for your surface drainage.

Establish the drainage location

First, make sure to establish or set out the drainage location before digging a trench. Mark the area with the use of a string line or paint. With the use of a trench shovel, dig for about 130 mm deep and 250 mm wide, or enough to fit your piping system. 

Secure the piping and draining system

Once you have established and dug a trench, fit or attach the end caps to the drain and secure them simultaneously with a silicone sealant. Make sure to fit every end cap before connecting it to another drainage. Make sure to secure your drain before finalising it with concrete mix.

Install a subsurface drainage 

As mentioned earlier, subsurface drainage is a type of draining system that catches the water while dispersing it properly to the storm drain. Make sure to follow your local council regulations.  

Have a professional landscaper in Sydney do the job for you. Not only will it provide convenience, but it will also ensure that your lawn drainage is installed properly. However, if you insist on doing the job by yourself, check this guide for managing your drainage properly in accordance with the local regulations.


To prevent any problems with water drainage in the future, resolve it with a sustainable and efficient drainage system. With an efficient drainage system in place, any rainwater runoff will be diverted away from your garden. 

This will prevent any emerging problems while the excess water will be put to good use if you know how to divert any water runoff. Have a professional plumber or expert landscaper provide the necessary drainage solutions. 

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