Avoid Planting These Australian Plants in Your Garden

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Most garden owners want to have a visually appealing garden with the right set of plants, according to their preference. More often than not, they choose plants depending on how pretty and perfect they are for the overall aesthetic of their outdoor space. 

We are here to tell you that you should also consider the safety of your family and the community in choosing plants for your place. Some of them can be poisonous, while some can have effects on the environment. So for guidance, you need to avoid planting these Australian plants in your garden:  

Angel’s Trumpets

Contrary to its name, Angel’s trumpet can bring harm to humans if ingested. It is highly toxic, particularly their leaves and seed.  Despite its pleasant appearance and aroma, it can cause diarrhoea, confusion, migraine, paralysis, or death. 

Even though its colourful flowers are enough to enhance your garden, it is best to avoid planting it for the safety of your family.


Oleander is a typical garden plant in Australia. Most people don’t know that it is also highly toxic. Contact with the plant can cause mild skin irritation. If ingested, it can be fatal. Fortunately, its leaves are bitter, so curious little children would unlikely eat the whole. Nevertheless, it is better to avoid planting oleander for a worry-free environment.

Moreover, burning this plant poses a risk in human health. Its poisonous content can mix with the smoke and fumes that people should avoid to inhale. 

Deadly Nightshade

Deadly nightshade, or also known as devil’s berries, is a very poisonous plant that is still a common garden plant in residential areas. Its berries contain tropane alkaloids that can cause hallucinations, mental confusion, emotional disruption, and changes in behaviour. 

Eating a single leaf or about 20 berries can be fatal to adults, and the same dosage has a more severe effect on children.    

Fountain Grass   

Fountain grass is in-demand for landscaping, but it has detrimental effects on the environment. It produces a lot of seeds that can spread fast and cover most of the area of your garden. 

As it can steal nutrients to other plants and propagate quickly out of a property’s lawn, the authorities in South Australia proclaimed fountain grass as a declared plant. Meaning, people are not allowed to sell and trade it anymore. 

Wandering Jew

If you are a pet owner, it is best not to plant wandering jew inside your property. This kind of plant can cause allergic skin reactions to dogs and other animals when they come in contact with its foliage.

Moreover, it is also considered as an environmental weed that competes for nutrients with trees and plants. Furthermore, it has been a severe problem for Australia’s rainforests as it also propagates fast once planted. Although it is not banned, Australians must avoid planting wandering jew to minimise the risk of spreading it out. 

Leighton’s Green

Leighton’s green is a hedge plant that can last all year long without dropping their leaves. Garden owners opt for this tree as it can provide them with privacy while serving its purpose as an ornamental plant.

However, its fast-growing characteristic can put your garden into a disadvantage. If not maintained and pruned regularly, it can become massive and uncontrolled, with tree removal as the only solution. 


Aside from a beautiful and functional garden, you need to consider the safety of your family and the community. Plants can be poisonous, destroy the environmental balance, or pose a risk that can cause accidents. 

By avoiding the Australian plants presented in this article, you can prevent the mentioned probable dangers. And if you ever need help in choosing the right plant and landscaping technique for your garden, you can always trust Trees Down Under!

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