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When is the Best Time for Tree Felling

Nowadays, many garden enthusiasts invest in trees to enhance the overall appearance of their lawn. When installed in a row and maintained properly, they can act as hedging trees for the protection and privacy of one’s property. 

But there are instances when trees pose a risk in your garden space and the community. It can cause accidents and injuries when branches fall off, or the tree itself collapses. If you choose to avoid these threats, tree felling is the perfect solution. But, when is the best time for tree felling, you ask? Trees Down Under is here to give you the right answers. 

When Trees are No Longer Functional

Since dead trees don’t replenish nutrients or moisture from roots, its branches become brittle and susceptible to breakage. Dead trees are dangerous, especially if branches unexpectedly fall on roofs. Moreover, as the owner, it would be your responsibility when someone becomes a victim of accidents involving falling branches or trees located in your property. 

Furthermore, why keep dead trees when they are no longer functional? Trees with no foliage and flowers are unattractive to look at, and they can become a liability in the future. You can maximise their space for other plants or decorations to make your garden more visually appealing.   

Signs of an Unhealthy and Dangerous Tree

If trees are more than 50% unhealthy, it is the best solution to remove them. You can look for these signs:

  • Hints of tree infections such as crown dieback, discoloured leaves, soft crumbly wood, and fungi
  • Large and dead branches in trees’ crown
  • Root defects such as growing fungi and heaving soil
  • Hollowed or rotted tree by at least one-third of its size
  • Leaning trees 
  • Sprouts at the base of the tree

It is best to consult with expert arborists to know if your tree needs removal or disease/pest prevention. 

Before a Storm

According to a study, the critical wind speed, where a tree trunk breaks, is at 145km/hr – regardless of its size or species type. So here in Australia, a category two storm or higher is enough to knock down trees and cause harm to the communities within its radius. 

Before they can claim lives and damage properties, it is best to remove trees, especially those that are not sturdy enough and reach towering height. However, distinguishing them can be quite challenging. Luckily, garden service companies like Trees Down Under offer consultation regarding different tree issues and other lawn problems. They also provide quick tree removal to prevent harm in the community as much as possible when a storm is coming. 

Dormant Season

In winter, deciduous trees fall asleep and rest, which is also known as their dormant season. They lose their leaves and prepare for the spring. Since they are leafless and relatively lighter, it is the best time to fell trees. Their lack of foliage helps arborists cut them carefully and clear the area faster. 

Moreover, a healthy tree can grow its leaves back and bloom after dormancy, but an unhealthy one poses a greater risk. Decaying branches are prone to fall since they need to carry the weight of the accumulated snow, but their link is also weakening.

Furthermore, garden service providers offer cheaper rates during winter as demand for tree and plant works decline. Also, it is easier to cut trees and their branches as the snow can catch fallen parts effortlessly.  


Trees provide aesthetic and privacy to one’s garden. But they can also become a hazard that needs to be taken care of immediately. The best time to conduct tree felling is the moment you feel that your trees are no longer of use, before a storm, or during its dormant season. But, remember that it is not a DIY project. Fortunately, Trees Down Under is here to help you!

Our expert arborists are professional tree fellers who have trained and studied for years to bring top-rate and efficient services. We understand that tree felling procedures are not easy. That’s why we always equip our team with the right tools and protective gears to ensure that your garden would be damage-free after the job. 

Aside from tree felling, we also offer different garden and tree services, customised according to your needs. Don’t worry about the rates, since even if it is not the dormant season, we offer affordable prices and discounts to our regular clients. 

Trees Down Under is your best choice for your tree felling needs! Contact us now at 0475 463 597 or send us your enquiries via email

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