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The Dangers of Planting Trees in Your Home

Along with a great landscape design, planting trees can help enhance the overall appearance of your garden. With their green foliage and colourful flowers, passersby will undoubtedly turn their heads in admiration. Furthermore, trees that form a row can serve as hedging plants to provide security and privacy in your property. They can mark the boundary of your place and give you a breath of fresh air as well. 

Flipping on the other side of the coin, planting trees can also put your home in danger. Thus, careful planning is essential to protect you, your family, and the neighbourhood’s safety. Do you know the threats of planting trees in your garden? If not, Trees Down Under is here to discuss them, comprehensively. 

Falling Hazard

Falling trees are one of the worries of garden owners in creating their ideal lawn. 

As they grow taller than your house, they are threats when heavy winds come, or a car accident happens. Based on research, tree trunks break at 145 km/hr critical wind speed, regardless of their size or species type. Meaning, a category two storm or higher can knock down nearby trees in your area if they’re not cyclone-prepared or felled immediately. 

Tree pruning removes unwanted and diseased branches and twigs. As dead tree parts are fall risks, pruning them is the best option as you don’t have to remove the tree itself. But, when you cannot control their growth anymore, it is best to consider tree felling.

Fire Risk

Trees are fire spreaders. Bushfires in Australia are evidence of how trees are dangerous once they get caught in fires. It can result in property losses and damages or worse, deaths. It is best to have enough space between the house and the trees for safety. In general, 5 to 10 metres are ideal, given that there are no combustible materials near the trees.  

But, tree spacing requires professional knowledge. Aside from fire clearance, you need to account tree shading, maximum growth, and overall aesthetics. Asking for assistance from garden professionals will help you decide what’s best for your trees.  

Penetrates Foundation

Tree roots can be culprits in damaging soil and concrete foundations in your home. They can crawl on concrete cracks and diminish its strength that may lead to its failure. Moreover, large roots can extend beneath a house and cause foundation uplift. Or they can leech water from the soil of foundations, causing the building to settle and sink unevenly. 

Clogs Water Drainage

Trees usually fall off their leaves when medium to heavy winds come. Especially during autumn, deciduous trees lose their foliage and prepare to rest for winter. Their dropped leaves end up in your backyard, streets, creeks, and rivers. They can clog waterways and the drainage system when accumulated. 

Thus, a responsible garden owner should know how to take care of their green waste. So, every time leaves start to pile up, clean them and make sure they avoid drainage as much as possible. If you’re busy, Trees Down Under’s green waste removal service is just a call away. 

Houses Insects

While flowering plants invite butterflies, trees also lead other animals in your home. However, they might bring you more harm than good. Presence of rodents and pests is a health hazard as they carry bacteria and viruses. Furthermore, bees and wasps may settle in your tree and sting you, your family, and passersby. 

Don’t hesitate to ask for tree fellers if you want to remove your trees. Or you can actually design your home lawn with plants that repel insects, bugs, and rodents. 


Most garden owners invest in trees for aesthetics, privacy, and breath of fresh air. But, as they grow usually taller than houses, planting trees pose dangers in your home. They can fall unexpectedly, spread fires, damage foundations, block drainage, and house insects. Luckily, you can avoid these threats if you partner with Trees Down Under!

Our team of expert arborists and landscapers provide bespoke and top-rate tree services for all of your tree problems. We equip ourselves with the right gears and tools to bring safe and efficient methodologies. Moreover, we always follow the local council regulations and obtain necessary permits for hassle-free lawn services. 

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