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Dedicated Team of Tree Experts in Woolwich

Trees and gardens are considered to be one of the most important assets for the people of Woolwich and the suburbs of Sydney. No one understands this better than Trees Down Under. We have been operational since 2005 and have been providing excellent gardening services to the communities of Woolwich and other Sydney suburbs.

We are experts in our field of expertise and provide a range of services like pruning, green waste disposal, gardening and much more. Since we are a local business, we believe that not only do we provide services for people but we are committed to contributing back to the society and community we live in.

Trees Down Under values its customers the most with a strong emphasis on customer service. We understand our clients, unlike any other business. We approach each customer with an open and unique program to customise our services for them.

The Woolwich community takes pride in its gardens and parks and therefore we know its value and importance to them. We believe in protecting and empowering that pride and belief you have for the sustainability of the environment. We run our business on the rich history we have for commitment, integrity, excellence and balance between communities and the environment.

Professional Tree Services in Woolwich

Trees Down Under provides the best and most affordable services for residents, commercial and industrial establishments such as offices and hospitals for Woolwich and surrounding suburbs. We are experts in the following Tree & Garden services:

  • Green waste removal – Green waste removal has always been a problem for residents or commercial establishments like parks, golf courses or even large private properties. Woolwich has a number of such establishments and we would be very happy to help you out in clearing and maintaining them for you. We have expertise in green waste removal at very marginal costs. Trees Down Under handles all kinds of garden wastes and woods with the utmost care and commitment.
  • Tree chipping and pruning services – We have a dedicated team of arborists and workers who are experts in pruning and chipping services. Pruning is a form of art and science that cannot be handled by any person as the health of the trees are dependent on pruning. Trees Down Under can provide chipping and pruning services to all establishments of Woolwich residential, industrial or commercial. We are very dedicated service providers who would not only prune and chip your trees or plants but would beautify them in the process to make your garden stand out in the community.
  • Stump grinding – Trees Down Under offers exceptional services for stump grinding for residents and commercial spaces. The removal of stumps is important. It can cause accidents for children while playing and therefore needs immediate tending. Residents of Woolwich and within Sydney can contact us for the complete removal of the stump.
  • Tree removal – We would be happy to help out the people of Woolwich in clearing dangerous and precarious trees. Trees are one of the best assets for our communities and no one knows it better than us. But sometimes some trees can become a hazard to the safety of the community itself and may cause accidents at any moment. We work on removing such trees without disrupting your daily routine under strict supervision while abiding by the rules and regulations of the community. This finesse in our work has made us the leaders in tree removal services in Woolwich.

Trees Down Under have always provided fantastic services to the people of Woolwich and other suburbs of Sydney.

We guarantee the best quotations at no cost and feel free to match our services with any other business. We have provided the cleanest and most efficient services to our clients always. We have highly-qualified employees who have never experienced complaints after work as they use the best equipment without ever causing any damage to the client’s property.

For professional tree lopping and gardening services in Woolwich, please feel free to contact us on 0475 463 597 for a free quotation.

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